Amazon Prime Starting To Censor Content And Restrict Titles From Release

When it comes to streaming content, Amazon Prime is one of those services where viewers can find just about anything to watch or binge-watch. 99 times out of 100, the shows or movies you’re looking for can be found with a little searching and then, you’re enjoying old favorites or new hits in an instant. Well, for those that enjoy checking out independent films, especially in the horror genre, you may soon find a lot less to enjoy.

Amazon is pretty much a way to do anything and everything while Amazon Prime allows you to do those things faster and in an easier fashion. One of the greatest things about Amazon Prime is having countless TV shows, documentaries, and movies to stream with many of them being absolutely free to subscribers.

Well, there may soon be a lot less independent horror films available if Amazon continues with their new way of restricting content.

The Blood-Shed is reporting that emails are now being sent out to some filmmakers and letting them know their movies are being taken out of Amazon Prime’s library. It appears as if the company is clamping down on allowing so-called “extreme” content and will no longer allow it to be streamed.

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Filmmakers such as Scott Schirmer are receiving these emails in regard to their movies and letting them know they won’t be made available to Amazon Prime users. Of course, the email is worded in a kind manner, but as with Schirmer’s Harvest Lake, it lets him know the reasoning for not streaming his movie any longer.

“Amazon Video Direct periodically revises our content policy in order to improve the Amazon Video customer experience. Effective March 1, 2017, Amazon Video Direct will no longer allow titles containing persistent or graphic sexual or violent acts, gratuitous nudity and/or erotic themes (‘adult content’) to be offered as ‘Included with Prime’ or ‘Free with Pre-Roll Ad’.

“We have identified the following titles within your catalog which contain adult content:

“Harvest Lake

“In alignment with our new policy, the ‘Included with Prime’ and/or ‘Free with Pre-Roll Ad’ offers will be removed from these titles on March 1, 2017.”

From there, Amazon Prime is letting the filmmakers know that they can still have their movies “Included with Prime” or “Free with Pre-Roll ad” offered. In order for that to be done, they are going to need to alter the cover images, metadata, and even some of the footage in the movie itself.

“For any title to remain available to customers with an ‘Included with Prime’ or ‘Free with Pre-Roll Ad’ offer, its content including cover images, metadata, and/or video content must be free of persistent or graphic sexual or violent acts, gratuitous nudity and/or erotic themes.”

Last year, Movie Pilot listed Scott Schirmer as one of five directors who should be checked out by any and all movie lovers. Those that love his work such as Harvest Lake, Found, and Plank Face are already familiar with him, but more should see his work.

The only problem is that it may be a bit more difficult to check out any of his movies now as the independent horror master won’t be on Amazon Prime. Well, he won’t be on there unless he changes the material of some of his movies.

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With the March 1st removal date approaching, it is known that Schirmer isn’t the only filmmaker who has received the Amazon Prime email. Several others including Drew Bolduc and Dustin Mills have also had one sent to them and any messages sent to Amazon are getting a generic response in return.

Streaming services have options for parental controls and Netflix even has a section for “Adults” and one for “Kids.” These options are put in place so that viewers can help restrict what they feel is appropriate for their families, but they have the freedom to watch whatever they want if they wish. Amazon Prime actually removing/censoring titles and restricting content due to the material is taking away that option and forcing you to miss out on possible greatness.

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