Vanessa Hudgens Rocks Short Bob And Bangs, ‘Zanessa’ Fans Giddy At ‘HSM 4’

Vanessa Hudgens is almost unrecognizable with her new hairdo, according to Teen Vogue magazine.

The actress, who is known for changing her hairstyle as often as she changes her outfits, debuted her latest hairstyle in an Instagram post a few days ago. The photo, taken in front of a neon sign reading “psychic,” was captioned simply “Curious & curiouser,” and showed the High School Musical actress rocking a curled-under bob complete with bangs.

Teen Vogue admitted that Vanessa Hudgens is no stranger to playing with wigs and hair extensions, so the latest hairdo may end up being simply another one-day fad, or maybe the actress will consider keeping her hair that way, as it certainly suits her.

In other news, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron have so many reasons to get back together, according to the Morning Ledger. The High School Musical co-stars share a long history together, and fans are literally begging them to rekindle their romance.

When reports about a High School Musical 4 movie installment being in the works surfaced on the internet, Zanessa – the fan-made name for the couple Vanessa Hudgens and Efron – once again became a trending topic.

While High School Musical fans are excited about a potential continuation of the franchise, they are no less excited about Vanessa Hudgens and Efron reprising their roles. Meanwhile, Hudgens and Efron reprising their roles could mean the two could even rekindle their romance – and the mere thought of that makes HSM fans squeal with excitement.

The fact that Vanessa Hudgens and Efron took their High School Musical love story into real life and turned into one of the cutest Hollywood couples ever has brought even more success to the franchise.

Even though millions of girls around the world are crazy in love with Efron and are willing to catfight for the handsome actor every time they see him with a new love partner, they actually liked it when Efron was dating Vanessa Hudgens, because they took their onscreen relationship to the next level.

So naturally, when the two announced they were calling it quits, both Vanessa Hudgens and Efron’s fans were heartbroken. The official reason for their split was their busy schedules and long-distance relationship, but the actress reportedly admitted that her jealousy made her do “crazy” things in their romance, so she decided the healthiest option for both was to end the relationship.

It’s been over six years since Vanessa Hudgens and Efron announced their split, but Zanessa fans still don’t give up hope about the two rekindling their passion.

In September 2016, Vanessa Hudgens revealed in her interview with People magazine that the ex-lovers are still good friends. That notion further fueled Zanessa fans’ hopes to see the couple back together.

Vanessa Hudgens revealed that the two never cut off their communication and added that the Neighbors actor was even sweet enough to visit his ex-girlfriend on the set of her film Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

“It was a good thing. The relationship kept me grounded, and because I was with someone who knew me so well, I didn’t need to try to be someone I’m not.”

While Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron remain friends, the actress sure values each and every of her friends, according to E! Online. To prove her love for friends, Hudgens even threw her very own Friendsgiving party.

In addition to being a great actress, Vanessa Hudgens is also a pro at throwing dinner parties!

To throw the fun, friends-filled dinner party, Vanessa Hudgens teamed with Just Dance 2017 for the soiree and shared a few tips on throwing the best holiday party ever, with her number one tip being to never skimp on the desserts.

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