WWE News: Seth Rollins’ Standby For ‘Wrestlemania’ Feud With Triple H Revealed

As Wrestlemania approaches, Seth Rollins status for the event continues to be a mysterious hot topic for the WWE Universe, but WWE officials have apparently found his replacement for the feud with HHH if Rollins is unable to perform on the grandest stage of them all. During next week’s edition of Raw, Rollins will make his return to WWE programming, and it’s rumored that he’ll finally reveal his status for Wrestlemania 33.

The expectation is Seth Rollins will be cleared with WWE doctors by Wrestlemania and The Architect vs. The Game will go on as planned. WWE has been booking Raw over the past few weeks assuming that Triple H vs. Rollins will happen in Orlando. If everything goes perfectly with Seth’s recovery, his torn MCL will fully heal just in time for Wrestlemania. If anything goes wrong, WWE will be forced to pull him from the show.

Rumored backup plans for Triple H have been discussed ever since Rollins’ status for Wrestlemania became questionable. For instance, Samoa Joe has been one of the top names mentioned who could replace Rollins in the feud with HHH. However, a new name has emerged who will be returning from an injury of his own.

Finn Balor is Returning to WWE in Early March
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According to a new report, Finn Balor would replace Seth Rollins in the rivalry with HHH at Wrestlemania 33 if Rollins is unable to compete on the grandest stage of them all. As of this writing, the expectation is still that the HHH vs. Rollins rivalry will go on as planned, but The Demon vs. The Game is WWE’s backup plan.

Finn Balor hasn’t been seen on WWE television since he vacated the WWE Universal Championship on the post-Summerslam edition of Raw. A shoulder injury during the title match with Seth Rollins during the PPV cost Balor roughly six months of his career. For a time, it seemed like Finn Balor may not recover in time for Wrestlemania either, but he’s been confirmed for his return before the grandest stage of them all.

In fact, he is scheduled for WWE live events after WWE FastLane. His recent appearance during this week’s television tapings for NXT has confirmed that Finn is on the cusp of being medically cleared to return to the ring, or he already has been cleared. It’s also been reported that Finn Balor’s return to WWE television may be the night after WWE FastLane. The WWE Universe won’t have to wait much longer for Balor’s return.

The Demon vs The Game Could Happen at Wrestlemania
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On paper, Finn Balor vs. Triple H seems a little random, and there aren’t many details on how WWE officials would begin their rivalry. The entire situation with Balor is more complex because Rollins is technically the one who injured him. The natural feud for WWE would be the rematch between Balor and Rollins, but that’s not going to happen. If Balor vs. Triple H comes to fruition at Wrestlemania, WWE will need to be creative.

Both men have a lot of history together in NXT. The WWE crowd in Orlando will be fully behind Balor, but Triple H always gets a strong face reaction from the NXT Universe as well, so that will create an interesting dynamic between them with the WWE Universe in Orlando. However, the WWE Universe will be invested in everything Balor and Triple H do during the match, which will include spectacular dueling entrances.

No one wants to see Seth Rollins miss his second straight Wrestlemania. WWE has been building the feud between Rollins and Triple H for a long time now, so WWE officials want that match on the card. However, Finn Balor vs. The Game is a good backup plan for WWE to fall back on for the grandest stage of them all. It has been rumored that Balor could be headed to SmackDown as well, so Rollins’ return to WWE television next week will determine the future for Finn Balor in WWE and for WWE’s final plans for Wrestlemania 33.

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