Luis Filipe de Sousa Carreira Dies After Crash At Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix

Macau, China – Luis Filipe de Sousa Carreira, the 35-year-old Portuguese motorcyclist, has died following a crash during qualifying for the Macau Grand Prix.

Luis Filipe de Sousa Carreira, who raced for the Bennimoto Raider-Cetelem team, crashed on Thursday while racing at the Guia circuit. No other riders were involved in the accident, which occurred at Fisherman’s Bend on the track.

The death of Luis Filipe de Sousa Carreira comes just over a year after MotoGP legend Marco Simonelli was killed in a crash at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

According to race organizers, Carreira’s crash saw two doctors rush to the rider’s aid. The biker was taken to a local hospital but was declared dead approximately 20 minutes after his arrival.

The qualifying session was red-flagged following the fatal crash, though it remains to be seen whether the full race, scheduled for the weekend, will be abandoned.

A statement from the Macau Grand Prix committee read:

“We regret to announce that Luis Filipe de Sousa Carreira, competitor No 33, from Portugal, in the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix – 46th edition, has succumbed to injuries sustained in a racing accident during the qualifying session this afternoon. No other rider was involved in the incident, which occurred at Fisherman’s Bend at 15.58. The qualifying session was immediately red flagged.

“The medical services, a fast intervention vehicle, fully equipped, and an ambulance with two doctors in attendance, which were located at the side of the accident immediately went to the rider’s aid, and as a result of the doctors’ diagnosis, Mr Carreira was immediately evacuated by ambulance to the Hospital, where he was admitted at 16.08.

“Continuous CPR was performed, however he succumbed to his injuries at 16.28. The Macau Grand Prix Committee has contacted the family and the members of the team, and the Committee expresses its sincere condolences. The qualifying session was abandoned at 16.30.”

You can see a Chinese news report covering Luis Filipe de Sousa Carreira’s crash below. Please note the footage contains scenes that some may find distressing.

As the world of biking mourns the death of Luis Filipe de Sousa Carreira, fans took to Twitter to express their condolences:

RIP, Luis.

Luis Filipe de Sousa Carreira Dies After Motorcycle Crash At Macau Grand Prix 1