‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly Wants Payback And Nelle Is The Likely Target

The tables may be turning on ABC’s General Hospital as Carly Corinthos finally gets a clue about Nelle Hayes, and it is a big one. Her trusty assistant has been manipulating the Corinthos family for months now. She is all about revenge for some reason that is not quite revealed just yet. However, a new preview that has just been released shows that Carly may be the one who will be getting payback instead.

Nelle came into town as Josslyn’s kidney donor, but viewers quickly realized that she had an elaborate plan to destroy Carly. It has been a long time coming and it is all about to explode. General Hospital just released a brand new promo clip on Thursday that indicates that Carly finally finds out that Nelle isn’t as innocent and helpful as she thought. In fact, it looks like she was helping herself to Carly’s husband, Sonny.

Of course, Nelle didn’t really sleep with him, but Sonny can’t remember a thing about that night after being drugged by her. She made him think they did and now Carly may believe it as well. It is not definite as to how Carly finds out the truth about Nelle. She could have found the package that Nelle left for her that contained the confession tape from Sonny about that night.

Another General Hospital speculation is that Ms. Hayes finally comes clean and tells her everything that she did. Lately, Nelle has been having second thoughts after spending time with Michael and trying to fight her feelings for him. Her identity has not been revealed yet as to whether she is related to Carly or just someone from her past that she has wronged. If she is somehow related to Michael’s mother, then a relationship with him is not a good thing.

In the General Hospital video clip, payback is what it’s all about. Things are about to change and fast once Carly knows the truth. The promo indicates that the wife is always the last to know. However, the wife will dish out exactly what was given to her all this time. Carly has a past as well and has done quite a bit of manipulating others. She knows what that is all about, so Nelle should be worried.

What about Sonny? Nelle may not be the only one who will be on the receiving end of a payback. Carly may just be set on revenge against her husband as well. He never told her the truth, although Jason had convinced him to do just that. Sonny was going to spill everything to his wife before Nelle did, but now it may be too late. Carly is now angry and she is heard on the General Hospital preview saying that it is payback time.

“You don’t know anything about payback, but you will.”

That sounds like she is talking about Nelle, but it could also be about Sonny. One thing is for sure, once you make Carly Corinthos mad, you better watch your back. Unfortunately, Michael will be right in the middle of it all. He has strong feelings for Nelle right now. Will he abandon her once everything is out in the open or will he end up taking her side against his parents?

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General Hospital spoilers for next week put out by TV Source Magazine indicates that Michael will be blindsided and that Nelle will choose to come clean. It could be too late for that if Carly finds out the truth before she can tell her. It is all about to explode in Nelle’s face.

Do you think that Nelle deserves Carly’s wrath? Do you feel even a tinge bit sorry for this girl who had payback on her mind all this time? Stay tuned to General Hospital to see how this all plays out next week.

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