'Below Deck' Boat Sinks While Filming Season 5

Below Deck Season 5 is undergoing a serious crisis, as perhaps the worst thing possible happened, and that is the sinking of a Below Deck boat. Luckily, it wasn't the luxury yacht used for client excursions, but the crew boat, the Silver Queen, which served as the canteen for the Bravo show. The sinking of the Silver Queen happened in St. Maarten in the Marina Fort Louis.

A local paper revealed that the boat broke its propeller with a mooring rope, causing it to sink in the waters of the marina, according to the Soualiga Post. The chief on board, Tricia, said that Silver Queen was an old, historical fishing ship that they knew had problems. As the boat was sinking, Tricia was the last one off.

"We were entering the Marina when I heard something and suddenly everybody started to yell 'Get Out'. The other boats' captains came to take the crew with their dinghys. I could take my things, I mean, the most important things, and I left the ship. Nobody got hurt. I was just afraid someone got electrocuted with all this water and the elctronic [sic] stuffs around."

Bravo said that they were just glad that nobody was hurt, and everyone, including those in the rescue effort, were safe, according to Radar Online. Below Deck Season 5 is currently filming in the Caribbean with Kate Chastain, Nico Scholly, and Captain Lee Rosbach, all of whom have been on previous seasons.


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Radar Online says that Season 5 of Below Deck is underway with the home hub being in the island of St. Maarten. Off the show, a number of cast members have had some significant legal and personal problems, and for some time, it was unclear whether the show would return.

But perhaps the biggest blow to the show was the loss of Chef Ben Robinson, who has decided to pass for now on Below Deck, seeking opportunities on land, according to Radar Online. Emily Warburton-Adams, Robinson's significant other, has also decided to jump ship, choosing to possibly work on a new project with Ben.
"I will continue to focus on my career as a chef and holistic nutritionist, the door is always open for Below Deck, and I wish the crew all the best with the upcoming season."
Reality Tea says that Robinson had more crankiness than usual last season and a breakdown in contract negotiations that caused the chef to walk out. Another Below Deck favorite, Kate Chastain was uncertain to return after legal problems stemming from a domestic violence charge, but Bravo says she has returned to the yacht, and is officially back to work. Ben says that more than anything, the back-to-back filming seasons took their toll.
"It's a lot. I mean, I think I was just kind of on a rollercoaster ride when I showed up. I was just thrown straight into the fire again. It was different."
But if you are having some Chef Ben Robinson withdrawal, Bravo says that Ben and Emily, or Bemily if you prefer, are working on a YouTube cooking show for fans who fell in love with them on Below Deck. The two have been broadcasting a live cooking show on Facebook through Chef Ben's YouTube channel. The emphasis is on healthy options, and Chef Ben says that they have done "everything from hummus to "a lovely warm white bean salad."

The two are sharing some recipes with a side of sharp wit.

Do you think that Below Deck will be a success without Chef Ben? Do you think Bravo will show the boat sinking on the show?

[Featured Image by Bravo]