What Built Up To The ‘Ladies Of London’ Drama In Denmark?

It’s obvious that Ladies of London star Caroline Fleming was seriously stressed by the idea of the drama princesses visiting her hometown and her family home, especially considering Marissa Hermer had not yet really been forgiven for her transgressions of loyalty against Fleming that surrounded the younger man in Fleming’s life. It was revealed that Fleming has a very small circle of close friends, and based on her behavior, Hermer won’t be one of them anytime soon.

According to the Inquisitr, the suggestions that Fleming was a pedophile for dating a 30-year-old man shocked Fleming and got back to her family via Hermer. The family relationship is tenuous, and Hermer made the situation worse because Fleming was not yet ready to talk about her new relationship. Worse yet, it wasn’t one joke — it was a night of uncomfortable barbs that only Hermer found funny. This leads to what became a showdown, and a showdown in the making in Denmark. Ladies of London is about to take drama to a whole new level.

Up until now, Ladies of London cast member Annabelle Neilson has been doing her own thing. She has been busy with her recovery after a scary horseback riding accident and has launched an exciting series of children’s books. She hadn’t had much time to fully immerse herself in the mix, because, for the most part, the drama wasn’t hers. But at the table in Denmark, Caroline Fleming asks that everyone get any animosity off of their chest before traveling through Denmark, because as fans heard many times, Caroline Fleming “is a big deal there.” This might be true, but hearing it got old for “soft Americans,” right Sophie Stanbury? It seems Sophie Stanbury has not met the right Americans if she believes all are mushy and emotional. The Americans in her circle are mostly social climbers and people pleasers.

Reality Tea jumped right in with an assessment of the Denmark situation. It seems Annabelle’s bud Naomi Campbell suggested she stop holding back and share her thoughts with all of the Ladies of London. Based on past behaviors, fans might be a bit alarmed to anyone taking confrontation advice from Campbell, who has had some anger management issues.

But it seems Annabelle did take her advice, and when she was called upon to see if she had any pent up issues with the other Ladies of London stars, she decided to take her turn and share exactly what she thinks of the whole lot of them, and fair warning, it wasn’t pretty.

“Juliet is first on Annabelle’s list. She wants her to listen more and go to her angry place less. Annabelle tells Caroline S to tone down her snark, as it comes off as more hurtful than funny at times. To Julie, Annabelle advises that she seal those loose lips. The ladies can’t believe they’re in the middle of an Annabelle smackdown-cum-therapy-session, but there we have it. Caroline S isn’t going to take this sitting down, though, responding to Annabelle that she can be a bit isolated within the group at times. She says she prefers hearing things to her face, not behind her back (wait – isn’t Annabelle speaking to her face right now? What’s the prob?). Annabelle knows Caroline is just trying to get under her skin. But, has she?”

So everyone was cool until Annabelle laid into them, and then the flame was fanned. It seems everyone had feelings about Annabelle but waited until her comments to share theirs? It seems like a bit of retaliation, but many of Neilson’s comments obviously hit home.

Will this truth-telling session set the tone for the rest of Season 2 of Ladies of London? Who do you think had a point at dinner?

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