Meet The New ‘Ladies Of London’

Ladies of London is back for a second season with some cast changes that will help create some interesting scenarios for fans in the U.S. and across the pond. There have been two notable exits, but the new additions will add the American and British spice we have come to expect.

According to the Inquisitr, the two Ladies exiting are Noelle Reno and Caprice Bourret. Bourret has left because her London life is full with her lingerie business and two toddler sons. Noel Reno has departed after the stress of her live-in boyfriend’s suicide. Scot Young leaped to his death from their townhouse, and was impaled on the iron fence below. The British press have been less than kind to Reno following Young’s death, printing information like the idea that Young feared that Reno was “trying to have him murdered” shortly before his suicide.

But with the goodbyes come some big hellos. The first, according to TV By The Numbers is a Danish Baroness, Caroline Fleming. Next is Julie Montagu, aka Lady Hinchingbrooke, who we met last year as a friend of the ladies when she hosted them at her in-laws estate in Mapperton.`American-born Julie will one day be Lady Sandwich.

Also joining the cast as a friend of the Ladies is Sophie Stanbury, Caroline’s sister-in-law (she is married to Caroline’s brother Alex). Sophie is a businesswoman and a mom in London.

According to the Daily Mail, Caroline Fleming is the former wife of James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s nephew. Caroline is also a close personal friend of Princess Mary of Denmark. TVDeets says that Fleming is a businesswoman and mother of three children.

“Caroline is a Baroness, mother of three children, and a successful business woman with a line of hosiery called ‘Beautiful Legs.’ A phenomenal cook, Caroline has authored two best-selling cookbooks.”

TVDeets also had some background about Julie Montagu.

“Julie is Viscountess Hinchingbrooke, born and raised in Sugar Grove, Illinois. Julie is a former model, and now a yoga instructor, health coach, and cookbook author.”

Among the adventures for the mix of Americans and Brits is a big trip to Denmark, where sparks will surely fly when the commoners mix with royalty, and the ladies continue to jockey for the queen bee position.

Will you be tuning in on September 7 for the premiere of season 2 of Ladies of London?

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