Kim Kardashian Sets New 115 Lb Weight Loss Goal: Are Her Diet & Fitness Safe?

When Kim Kardashian sets a goal, she goes all out to achieve it. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) star stunned fans by shedding 70 pounds after the birth of her second baby, earning a place in the Celebrity Weight Loss Hall Of Fame. But now Kim has set a new weight loss goal for her already slender body of 115 pounds. Has she gone too far to get slim, and are her diet and fitness plans safe?

In Touch Weekly noted that the KUWTK star has been striving to lose an additional seven pounds to achieve her goal of 115 pounds. But as she appears thinner than ever, some fans are concerned that she might be taking her focus on getting thin too far.

Kim Kardashian flaunts her famous booty. [Image by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Harper’s Bazaar]

Kim flaunted one of her extreme weight loss measures on her Snapchat account. She combined exercising in a bulky sweatsuit with working out to try to sweat away those extra seven pounds with her trainer.

The Daily Mail pointed out that the reality TV star is now seven pounds away from losing nearly 80 pounds, speculating that Kardashian’s initial weight loss success motivated her to revise her original goal weight.

Kim revealed on social media that when she achieves her goal of 115 pounds, she will be 10 pounds slimmer than before she became pregnant with North West in 2012. To help her achieve that milestone, the KUWTK star borrowed one of the weight loss tips from her sister Khloe Kardashian by sporting a sweat suit while working out with her trainer Don Brooks. Kim commented on her sweat suit weight loss tactic and revealed what her trainer had said.

“Don just called me Missy Elliot ‘cos I’m wearing a full sweat suit ‘cos I have to lose an extra 7lbs.”

The reference to rapper Missy Elliot, who also lost weight, comes from her occasional stage wardrobe of “giant plastic suits,” according to the media outlet.

Kim Kardashian is determined to whittle her waistline even more. [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 4]

In addition to sporting bulky sweat suits while she works out with that trainer, Kim is boosting her fitness plan by turning to her other trainer, Gunnar Peterson. The mom of two shared her pride that he believes in her, sharing a video showing off the naked picture that Gunnar has on the wall.

“Look where I am today, Gunnar Peterson’s, he still believes in me, [showing the nude shot] before babies,” said Kardashian.

So is it safe to follow Kim’s lead and work out hard while wearing a bulky sweat suit? Don’t try that fitness tactic at home, advised Shape magazine.

Although both Khloe and her sister have flaunted their use of sweat suits for weight loss, the publication quoted expert Mike Clancy, C.S.C.S. and founder of Mike Clancy Training, on wearing a garbage-bag style sweat suit.

“The garbage bag strategy is a highly-controversial, old-school thermogenic method that works for weight loss in a way that’s similar to sitting in a sauna.”

By putting her body in a heated environment, Kardashian is sweating to cool off, notes the expert. But although Clancy says that the process of releasing water can cause the body to “shrink down five to ten pounds,” he has a warning for those who want to try to look like Kim by using her sweatsuit scheme.

“This method of sweating out the last few pounds is extremely dangerous because your body is dehydrated and the stress on your internal organs can quickly land you in a hospital,” cautioned the expert.

As for her diet, Kardashian went with the protein-rich Atkins weight loss diet, according to Us Weekly.

Colette Heimowitz, vice president of nutrition and education at Atkins, told the magazine that Kim did not skip meals, and even enjoyed snacks.

“Kim ate an egg, cheese and vegetable omelet for breakfast. Then she would have a snack of either Greek yogurt and berries and almonds, or hummus and peppers,” revealed the Atkins guru.

“For lunch, it would typically be a turkey burger with salad and pickled onions. Typical dinner would be zucchini noodles with spicy chicken sausage.”

Kardashian’s nutritionist clarified that the reality TV star consumed protein through a variety of sources, including fish, chicken, meat or eggs, as well as healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts and avocado. Kim also ate ” lots of colorful vegetables,” and “depending on how the rest of the day goes, she will have a little side of brown rice or a little bit of a potato.”

As for whether Kardashian’s low carb high protein diet is safe and effective, the Los Angeles Times pointed out that it has a long history, and can help some dieters to take off the pounds by clearly identifying which foods to skip.

In the 1970s, Dr. Robert C. Atkins publicized the concept that cutting carbohydrates and replacing them with foods high in protein caused the body to “switch into fat-burning mode,” noted the publication.

“That would prompt weight loss and body composition changes that favored lean muscle over fat.”

Although variations have developed around this concept, the focus on protein-rich foods and healthy fats can help to prevent hunger for some dieters. Moreover, for those who dislike counting calories, low-carb diets are “easier for those who don’t want to count, don’t want to feel hungry, and don’t mind skipping sugary or carb-rich foods,” according to the media outlet.

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