‘Flip Or Flop’: Christina El Moussa Talks About What Ended Her Marriage

Flip or Flop’s Christina El Moussa has finally spoken about what led to the dissolution of her marriage. Fans were shocked to learn of their split. The couple had been married for seven years. They had two children, co-hosted HGTV’s hit series Flip or Flop, and ran a successful business that allowed them to do what they love. From the outside, life looked perfect. Fans wondered what could have gone wrong. According to Christina, problems had been building for a long time.

Until now, many have believed that their breakup resulted from an incident involving a gun last May. Both Tarek and Christina have called the incident a misunderstanding. Tarek described it to Today.

“There’s mountain lions and bobcats and rattlesnakes and, like, big wildlife back there. I went out for a hike to scout some trails. It wasn’t even a big deal. I didn’t understand. It got really blown out of proportion.”

He denies allegations that he was suicidal.

Christina told People that the couple was having problems long before the incident with the gun. She attributes the growing stress in their marriage to the fact that they went through multiple major life events together in a short amount of time.

Flip or Flop hit the airwaves in 2013. The show was a success, and the fame that came with it brought lots of change to their lives. While that whole experience was still pretty new, Tarek was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and then testicular cancer and began radiation treatment.

At the same time, Christina began undergoing in vitro fertilization in an effort to get pregnant. It was a grueling and lengthy experience, and she suffered a miscarriage in 2014. The Huffington Post reports that in September of 2015, the couple welcomed their second child, Brayden, into their lives. Of course, amidst the life-changing experience that follows having a baby, business was booming and the pressure was on for her to return to Flip or Flop. She now says that doing so just four weeks after giving birth was too soon.

“I was overwhelmed. The tension between me and Tarek was high… We weren’t able to properly communicate anymore. It got to the point where we weren’t even driving to set together.”

She says that it was a sort of relief when the Flip or Flop couple’s split became public.

“I think the separation process begins long before people actually separate. So by the time we officially did, I felt like a weight was lifted off me.”

The Flip or Flop couple don’t see themselves as any different from anyone else who goes through difficult times. Christina says they are “just normal, nice people who just want to be the best parents and coworkers that we can be.” She says that she hopes Tarek finds happiness with someone else. Currently filming Season 7 of Flip or Flop, the El Moussas continue to work together. The two met while working together and do not currently have any plans to stop working together now that they have split. They will each also pursue their own individual business interests. They have both stated that their children, Brayden and 6-year-old Taylor, are always their priority.

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Tarek commented on his relationship with his Flip or Flop co-star Christina.

“We’ve been flipping houses, and not only flipping houses but doing it on TV, for a very long time. So like anything, there’s going to be a challenge, right? Me and Christina are professional. We know we have a job to do. We love what we do and we want to deliver a good product to our fans.”

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