Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Release Date, Resolution Display, And New Name

Samsung has not given up on their Note line which is excellent news for many people, and their Galaxy Note 8 is still slated for release this year. The South Korean company has allegedly decided to rename the Note 8, and the Christian Post report that it may be called “Baikal.” The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 name comes from a large lake in Siberia, which is also the deepest lake on the planet. It is not known why Samsung have chosen to call their new phablet Baikal, however.

Value Walk have suggested that Samsung’s rebranding of the Galaxy Note 8 phablet is meant to show off its pairing with the S Pen stylus, but they have also confirmed that the rumored code name for the Note 8 is Baikal.

While the exploding Note 7 has not been particularly good for Samsung’s business, the tech giant knows that it has many dedicated fans with its Note line and they are said to be committed to making certain that the Galaxy Note 8 will not have any of the flaws that their Note 7 had.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II at the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas on January 8, 2013. It is rumored that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be out in August. [Image by David Becker/Getty Images]

Samsung will need to now distinguish between the upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, with both new releases being extremely important for the company, both financially and also to uphold the South Korean company’s reputation. The Galaxy Note 8 will need to deliver many new features to its customers and be seen as just as strong as the Galaxy S8 in order to keep the Note line alive.

As far as the resolution display for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, there have been reports which have purported that the company intends on using a 4K display for their next generation phablets and are alleged to be incorporating this ultra-HD technology into their new Note 8 phablet. If a 4K display does end up making it to the Note 8, it will be the second smartphone to use this new technology, as the Sony Xperia Z5 does. Another plus about 4K display is that not only will there be VR platform support, but it will also help to reduce power consumption through OLED panels.

With regard to the battery for the Note 8, it is rumored that Samsung has decided to trust their old supplier. It has been previously suggested that the company might be using Sony as the supplier of batteries for the new Galaxy Note 8, but it is now thought that Samsung will continue to utilize Amperex.

Value Walk also reports that it had previously been rumored that Samsung’s new AI-powered assistant Bixby AI would be built utilizing technology from Viv Labs. However, they note that The Wall Street Journal is saying that it will now come from S Voice instead. Samsung has allegedly been working extremely hard in order to upgrade its assistant so that it will be able to answer questions voiced by users. This could be a challenge as some believe that the S Voice needs replacing. It is currently unknown if Bixby AI will be included on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or the Galaxy S8. It is rumored, nevertheless, that there will be a hardware button for AI.

The University Herald states that Samsung should be releasing their Note 8 with an S-Pen accessory, especially as they have started speaking publicly about the Exynos chipset. These chipsets can be found in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 as well as their new S8.

The release date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is still up in the air and unclear right now, but it has been suggested many times that it will be due out in August. This is primarily because this is when the Note 7 was released and most of those that came before it as well.

Fans excited over the Galaxy Note at Cunard Hall on April 25, 2013. [Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]

When do you think the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be released and do you think it will live up to its hype?

[Featured Image by Richard Drew/AP Images]

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