Jenelle Evans' Custody Battle For Jace Is Far From Over

Nicole Gilder

Since signing over custody of her son, Jace, to her mom, Barbara, shortly after his birth, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans' custody battle has been a never-ending cycle. Even in the beginning, she swore that someday, she'd get full custody of Jace back, and now that she's living a more stable life with fiancé David Eason in their brand new dream home, it seems like the perfect time for her first son to start living with her full time again. But after Monday night's new episode of Teen Mom 2, it seems like that could be an impossible dream.

And when it comes to Jenelle's custody woes, it's not just Jace she has to worry about. After finding out that her ex, Nathan Griffith, was arrested on domestic violence charges against his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Jessica Henry, she started to wonder if she should pursue full custody of their son, Kaiser, too. As a result, she could be seeing the inside of a courtroom a lot more often over the next few months, despite the fact that it was only recently that Jessica's assault charges against Jenelle were dropped.

Ultimately, Jenelle decided not to tamper with the co-parenting relationship that she and Nathan have built, instead deciding to "keep an eye on" things for now. However, where her custody battle with Barbara is concerned, it's game on. Jenelle and her mom had another blowout argument over Jenelle spending time with Jace, and it wasn't pretty. This time, she wanted to take him out of school for a day so he could join her for a business trip to New York, but Barbara wasn't having it. And after consulting with her lawyer, Jenelle decided that the fight for Jace must continue, even though he cautioned her that there's a chance a judge would rule against her.

Since Jace has lived with Barbara for his entire life and seems to be doing well, it's hard to say whether Jenelle would be awarded custody. When he talks about it on camera, he seems conflicted about whether he'd rather live with Jenelle or Barbara. Of course, Jenelle is obviously Jace's biological mother, but Barbara — or MeMe, as Jace calls her — has been the one to take on the mom role in his daily life. One thing's for sure, though: Jenelle isn't giving up this fight anytime soon.

"It's been two years since I filed and I haven't seen the judge once," Jenelle said. "Nothing is going wrong. There's nothing to hold Jace back from me."

Will Jenelle's custody battle ever end, or is her future with Jace living under her roof just a dream that's never going to happen? The answer to that question depends completely on whatever judge handles her case when it's finally brought to court, but now that her newest little one, Ensley, has arrived, this mama has her hands fuller than ever before.

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