WWE News: Tyson Kidd Career Believed To Be Over, Ryback Rips Vince For Incident

Unfortunately, all roads are leading to the career of Tyson Kidd being over. Coined as the final graduate of the legendary Hart Dungeon, Kidd spend many years in both Stampede Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling until debuting for the then-WWE developmental territory, Deep South Wrestling, in 2006. He then started to compete for Florida Championship Wrestling shortly after.

Nearly 10 years under the WWE umbrella, Kidd was involved in a house show match against Samoa Joe. Unfortunately, Joe executed his muscle buster finishing move on Kidd, but the landing caused Kidd to have a career-threatening injury. When Kidd underwent surgery in 2015, the expected time frame of his recovery was supposed to be one year. However, it is approaching two years that Kidd has been away from WWE. Sadly, he is not expecting to return to the company in a wrestling capacity at all.

Very upset of the overall handling of this incident, Ryback lashed out once again to his former employer by way of his Conversations with The Big Guy podcast (h/t Wrestling News).

“WWE should make sure – 100% – that not only is he taken care of for the rest of his life, they should bend over backward time and time again for him. This guy loved wrestling and what they took away from him – and by the way, to take as long as they did to f**king apologize – I’m gonna personally say it right here on [my] podcast – f**k you Vince [McMahon] and f**k you Kevin [Dunn] for not being men and f**king apologizing to this human being that you ruined and Vince, you are a f**king piece of s**t. For everything that you did that night, to f**king go out there and create that circumstance, and you should hate yourself when you look in the mirror.”

As exhibited from this very passionate excerpt, Ryback is furious about the way WWE treated Tyson Kidd throughout this whole situation. From his information, the company never reached out to him for the purposes of apologizing. Hopefully, though, there will be a guaranteed spot for him even outside of competing in a wrestling ring.

While there were a few instances where it seemed that Kidd was headed for a promising career, for some reason it was derailed each time.

In 2009, Kidd, who was already managed by Natalya, was joined by DH Smith to form the Hart Trilogy, which would eventually become the Hart Dynasty. Capitalizing on the steam caused from turning face to assist Bret Hart during his feud with Vince McMahon, the Hart Dynasty became WWE Tag Team Champions about a year after coming together. The two separated in late-2010, with Kidd turning heel, but he was never able to capitalize from the turn. WWE even attempted to have a bodyguard to accompany him, which was Jackson Andrews, but the gimmick had a very quick shelf life.

Kidd would be involved in other minor angles, with one memorable moment being his victory against Tensai in under 20 seconds. He would land a very promising opportunity by becoming a mainstay for the NXT brand, having a career resurgence by being involved in the title picture. Although he never was able to gain the NXT Championship, his popularity spawned a career revival, and a call-up back to the main roster which led to a WWE Tag Team Championship reign with Cesaro.

While Tyson Kidd had a very difficult path to becoming a singles star in the WWE, his tag team resume falls into one of the best of this decade. Thankfully, his opportunity to rebrand himself in NXT was a good launching pad to his success on the main roster before his injury. If Vince McMahon and the WWE has indeed not reached out to Kidd regarding an apology for his career potentially ending, it is a poor representation of the care the company has for the ones competing under the WWE brand.

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