BTS’ Jin Lack Of Lines And Screen Time In ‘Not Today’ MV Raises Concerns

BTS recently dropped their explosive “Not Today” MV which has received millions of views since the day of its release. The song also ranked at #1 on QQ Music’s daily and weekly chart. However, many fans are not pleased with the amount of camera time and the lack of line distribution Jin had. This has raised concerns within the community about his place within the band. Many were also reminded of the little lines J-Hope had in “Spring Day.”

After watching the entire video, fans quickly realized that Jin only received one single frame — towards the end of the song. According to AllKpop, Jin has also had a small number of lines in other BTS other songs compared to other group members. The facts of the past and with the current “Not Today” MV are leaving many fans distraught. Many are asking if BTS is a “6-member group.”

J-Hope ‘Spring Day’ Song Line Distribution

In BTS’s hit song, “Spring Day” many fans claimed J-Hope didn’t have any lines. However, it has been reported that if you listen closely, J-Hope is harmonizing with Jungkook. Many have asserted that him “harmonizing” isn’t good enough. This would place him in the category of a “background vocalist” and not a legitimate vocalist in BTS. Big Hit Entertainment’s move of spotlighting certain members for each comeback seems to be their strategy.

Again, many were surprised with the number of lines Jin had in “Spring Day” as well. J-Hope’s presence in WINGS album tracks like “Boy Meets Evil,” “Mama,” “BST,” and “Cypher pt. 4” were very prevalent. The singer also managed to snag lines in group songs.

Jin’s Solo In ‘Awake’ Carves Out Individuality Within BTS

Many have asserted that the line distribution is fair since Jin has an entire solo on the WINGS album called, “Awake.” After Jin’s ballad, many now see the BTS member in a different light. According to Soompi, Rap Monster revealed that Jin co-composed his track “Awake.”

The song allowed the Kpop idol to establish a greater identity within the band and show off his true skills as a vocalist. However, some fans are making justifications by saying his voice is not suitable for multiple lines in a song in future BTS albums.

Then, there are those who are accustomed to Jin being the “visual” of the group — however, according to AllKpop, it also makes sense for members like Jungkook and Jimin to get more lines in songs and for the “visual” to get more screen time in videos. Many are suggesting he should have had more than one frame within the entire music video.

Jim’s Food Criticized By Chef Gordon Ramsay Of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

Jin had a rough week online — possibly one that he is still unaware of. Just a few days ago, BTS member, Jin, unknowingly had his food critiqued by world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay. However, Ramsay made it clear that he’s not a fan of the Kpop idols cooking skills. Ramsay was insistently asked for his honest opinion on Jin’s dish. A fan acted on behalf of the BTS member and tweeted as his significant other. According to AllKpop, the fan asked, “… could you rate his food and make sure that egg is properly cooked?”

Gordon Ramsay said the eggs appeared to be overcooked and the noodles looked liked “worms.” Thousands of supporters retweeted the response and defended the idol. The Hell’s Kitchen star concluded the message with a swift, “No Thanks.”

For weeks, fans tweeted Chef Ramsay and asked his thoughts on how they executed various dishes. Ramsay tweeted back with a mixture of brutally honest comments and uplifting tips. However, many tuned in to watch the Hell’s Kitchen star slice down wannabe chefs.


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The Hell’s Kitchen star is pretty well known for shouting and swearing at professional chefs whose food fails to meet his nearly impeccable standards. Now, Gordon has chosen to impart his cooking wisdom to those who asked him to rate pictures of their food.

Although the fan requested Chef Ramsay’s opinion on the dish, many were shocked by the Hell’s Kitchen star’s response. Fans defended the Kpop idol and said he was a superb cook. Other loyal fans tweeted links of the BTS member showing off his cooking skills on the television show, Idol King Of Cooking.

Tons of fans believe in Jin’s talent but are still wondering when Big Hit Entertainment will give him his time to shine.

Do you think Jin’s line distribution and camera time in “Not Today” was reasonable? What are your thoughts on Hoseok’s lines in “Spring Day”?

[Featured Image by Big Hit Entertainment/BTS 2017 Promotions]