Taeyeon Sparkles In ‘I Got Love,’ K-Pop Idol Breaks Her Own Record In 24 Hours

Taeyeon, the front woman of Girls’ Generation, dropped the music video for her pre-release track “I Got Love.” In just 24 hours, Taeyeon has broken her own record for obtaining the most views for a female K-pop solo artist, according to AllKpop. SM Entertainment released Taeyeon’s “I Got Love” on Friday. Fans are accustomed to the songstress cranking out pop hits and romantic ballads. However, the Korean soloist showed off an ultra-glam side in her new soulful single.

Taeyeon has had an impressive year in 2016 as a soloist and things don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. On the first day, the video received 2.85 million views.

“I Got Love” is a b-side track off of the singer’s upcoming first full-length album. Her song could be described to be a modern, jazz, and R&B track. Taeyeon’s echoing voice has transformed into an alluring and sultry singer. She demonstrates how she can adapt to various musical genres.

Psy is the current record holder for the most views in a 24-hour period for a K-pop solo artist. His music video “Gentleman” reached a whopping 38 million views in just one day back in April of 2013.

Taeyeon’s ‘I Got Love’ SM Entertainment Music Video Delay

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon recently commented on SM Entertainment’s tardiness in uploading her new music video. On midnight, the MV for Taeyeon’s new song “I Got Love” was scheduled to be released. However, the video didn’t get uploaded onto YouTube until about an hour later.

Fans who waited patiently for the video were confused when no uploads occurred. Several fans took to Taeyeon’s Instagram to ask about the delay.

The K-pop idol responded to the concerns by said it was nothing new that SM Entertainment was late in delivering.

“Why are you asking like it’s something new? It’s not the first time SM is late. Don’t be startled.”

Taeyeon releases ‘I Got Love’ and crashed her record for most views in female solo k-pop artist. [Image by SM Entertainment/Taeyeon’s Official Website]

The Girls’ Generation lead-vocalist has consistently charted well on different Billboard charts after releasing her first solo EP, I, in 2015. Taeyeon also took first and second place on the K-pop World Albums charts when her solo track “I peaked. The song also hit No. 5 on Heatseekers Albums. According to Allkpop, her previous record was when she quickly raked in 2.43 million views for her single “I” back in October of 2015.

Not too long ago, fans celebrated Taeyeon’s “I” reaching the 100 million viewership mark on YouTube. Taeyeon uploaded a photo of her thumb with a tattoo of “I” below her thumbnail. The caption read, “Youtube 100 million views??? #OurIisthebest #i.” Taeyeon’s 2016 hit “11:11” was released in November.

Taeyeon continues to focus on music. Before the release of the highly awaited music video, “I Got Love,” she asserted that she is always preparing for a new song.

“I am always preparing for a new song. You are impatient.”

According to Soompi, Taeyeon will be the fourth member of Girls’ Generation to be active in promoting individual projects this year. YoonA’s movie, Confidential Assignment, was a success. Yuri is in the midst of her first leading role in the SBS drama Defendant,” and Seohyun hit No. 1 with her first solo album, Don’t Say No.

Taeyeon’s latest album is in the final stages of production and will be revealed to fans soon.

What do you think of Taeyeon’s “I Got Love” music video? Do you like the new concept?

[Featured Image by SM Entertainment]

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