NFL Fines DeAngelo Hall $30,000

Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall has been fined $30,000 by the NFL front office after confronting an official during his teams loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers last month.

According to an inside source Hall will not earn a suspension from his October 28 confrontation but has been warned against further action by league officials.

The NFL has not yet officially announced the fine.

After being pulled to the ground by Pittsburgh receiver Emmanuel Sanders, the cornerback took off his helmet and began to scream at the official who missed a potential penalty call.

Following the confrontation, Hall was called for two 15-yard penalties and then was thrown out of the game.

Backing up Hall after the game was Coach Mike Shanahan, who said Sanders should have been flagged for wrestling Hall to the ground. Shanahan, although, admitted that DeAngelo Hall could have better handled the situation.

Hall could still face a suspension as the NFL front office has not yet confirmed or denied this most recent rumor.

The cornerback spoke with reports on Wednesday following a team practice. During the questioning period, the Redskin’s player refused to answer questions about the penalty, his own reactions to the play, or any possible consequences handed down to him by the NFL.