NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Trade Odds Increase, Paul George To Detroit?

The NBA trade deadline is on the horizon and with less than a week to go for teams to pull off a deal, NBA fans are anxiously waiting to see who will end up where next week, all in the hopes of increasing their favorite teams’ odds of winning the 2017 NBA Championship.

The deadline for trades in the National Basketball Association is February 23, and while the entire league is on their annual All-Star break, general managers are working hard behind the scenes to pull off a deal or two that they believe will help their club down the stretch run of the regular season.

Two of the hottest names on the NBA trade rumor mill include New York’s Carmelo Anthony and Indiana’s Paul George. NJ indicates that the Detroit Pistons may be ready to make a few deals, but does one of the deals include George?

Could Paul George be heading to Motown before the NBA trade deadline? [Image by Andy Lyons/Getty Images]

The Pistons have discussed a trade with the Orlando Magic that would send point guard Reggie Jackson to the Magic in exchange for a package headlined by D.J. Augustin and Jeff Green.

Detroit Head Coach Stan Van Gundy has insisted that he is not parting with Jackson; however, this rumor is once again heating up as the trade deadline nears.

Another resurfacing rumor involving the Pistons that is once again gaining steam is a deal to bring in Pacers’ big man Paul George.

The originally rumored five-player deal that is hot and cold seems to be warming up again. Reported by Detroit Sports Nation, the Pistons would acquire George and Monta Ellis in a trade, but would have to give up Stanley Johnson, Tobias Harris, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Detroit would also have to part with an unprotected first-round draft pick in 2017, a second-round pick in 2018, and another first-rounder in 2019.

Now that may be too much to part with, but stranger deals have happened at the trade deadline.

Teams do get desperate as the deadline grows near, so if this is a deal both teams are interested in, Detroit may try to pull it off without giving up Stanley Johnson. Johnson has a ton of upsides and shows it almost every time he gets some decent playing time.

The Pistons were predicted by many NBA experts to be one of the up-and-comers in the Eastern Conference in 2016, but so far it has been a struggle. Detroit has been very inconsistent the entire season. A trade could be what SVG needs to get his team back on track.

Now to Melo.

Carmelo Anthony’s name is brought up seemingly everyday in the NBA trade rumor mill.

One day he is going to Cleveland, the next Boston, then to Chicago. It apparently never ends. In the past it would take a lot to trade a superstar player from a team, but it is happening more often these days. Superstars like to “jump ship” occasionally, aka LeBron James, Kevin Durant, etc., but what are the odds that Anthony doesn’t go anywhere and stays in the Big Apple after all?

Is Carmelo Anthony staying put in New York? [Image by Elsa/Getty Images]

According to Oddsmaker, BetOnline has odds on just such a wager. The online sports book is offering a prop on where Anthony will end up, but the deal has to go down before the final game of the regular season.

Believe it or not, the odds favor Anthony not getting traded at all. The odds of Anthony remaining with the Knicks are listed at -205 and the chances of him finishing the 2016-17 season with any other team are set at +165.

Interesting. So, after all of the hoopla, Las Vegas odds makers believe that Anthony most likely will not be traded. Here could be the reason why: while a trade would likely benefit the Knicks and Anthony, his contract may just be too much for another team to take on so late in his career — unless it is a contender.

Anthony has a no-trade clause, so that puts the Knicks behind the 8-ball from the get go. Not only does Melo have to agree to the team New York would deal him off to, but they also have to consider the money aspect. While the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, and Los Angeles Clippers are rumored to be at the top of the list of teams that are interested in the former Syracuse standout, his $29 million in remaining salary may damper any deal.

There you have it. Anthony stays in New York after all — at least according to Vegas odds makers.

Do you think Anthony will be dealt this season? If so, where will he land?

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