NBA Trade Rumors: Derrick Rose And Carmelo Anthony On Way Out Of New York

The 2017 NBA trade deadline is less than a week away now, and there are still a lot of rumored moves that could be done. While so many are focusing on the possibility of Carmelo Anthony being shipped away from the New York Knicks, others may not realize that Derrick Rose could soon be gone as well. The Knicks’ franchise is imploding right before the eyes of the NBA-loving world and its two stars could soon be gone.

When looking at possible trades, it has been Carmelo Anthony’s name that has come up most often when speaking of the New York Knicks. Now, ESPN is reporting that it is time for Phil Jackson and the rest of the front office to make a decision – go for the playoffs or blow up the roster.

Currently, the Knicks are 23-34 and in the 12th spot in the Eastern Conference, but they’re not out of the race for the postseason at all. They are actually just four games out of the final playoff spot, but some decisions need to be made regarding the immediate and long-term future of the team.

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Multiple times are said to be interested in trading for Derrick Rose who is in just his first season with the Knicks after spending six injury-plagued years with the Chicago Bulls. Sure, he’s averaging decent numbers with 17.7 points-per-game, but as been his issue throughout his career, Rose just isn’t a good defender.

He’s only part of the reason the Knicks are allowing 111.7 points per 100 possessions while he’s on the court.

CBS Sports isn’t sure that Derrick Rose is an effective trade target, but he does know of a couple of teams that may look into acquiring him. One is the Atlanta Hawks who have a strong enough defense to look past his faults, but he may not be worth the trouble.

Another team is the New Orleans Pelicans who could partner Rose up nicely with Anthony Davis. The team does believe Jrue Holiday will get a big payday from some team this summer, but Bleacher Report stated that Davis is willing to do whatever it takes to help the Pelicans re-sign his teammate.

The Smoking Cuban reported that even rose being traded to the Dallas Mavericks is a possibility, so, there are a number of options on the table right now.

Moving onto Rose’s teammate, the rumors are continuing to swirl about Carmelo Anthony as they have for months, but nothing has happened. Yes, the rumors have died down a little but, but Fansided reports that the trade talks are still on the table and will be until he is moved or the deadline expires.

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The thing that makes trading Melo a bit more difficult is the no-trade clause in his contract and that means he has to approve any possible moves. Some have come his way that he would be willing to accept, but the team simply couldn’t get all the right pieces in place.

ESPN reports that the Knicks were still in contact with at least one other NBA team this week in regard to trading Carmelo Anthony. The Los Angeles Clippers, Boston Celtics, and Cleveland Cavaliers have all been primary targets in trade rumors, but nothing ever came close to becoming a reality.

Anthony is averaging 23.4 points-per-game and has decent numbers, but the relationship between him and the Knicks is fractured beyond repair.

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done if the New York Knicks are going to pull off trades for either Carmelo Anthony or Derrick Rose. It just doesn’t seem as if either one of those stars has a place with the Knicks any longer and that everyone needs to move on. With the NBA trade deadline expiring on Thursday afternoon, there will need to be some wheeling and dealing worked out to complete those deals, but don’t be surprised if they do.

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