‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers: Week 8 Takes Nick Viall Home To Meet The Families

Up next for Nick Viall on ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season are the hometown dates and another elimination is on the way. The last that viewers saw, Kristina Schulman had been eliminated prior to the rose ceremony and this has everybody feeling anxious. What spoilers are available regarding the Week 8 episode set to air on Monday, February 20?

As ABC teases, the remaining four women will be feeling stunned over Nick Viall’s elimination of Kristina and Bachelor spoilers hint that they will all worry that additional departures may be looming. However, gossip guru Reality Steve noted that there will be no rose ceremony in the Bahamas and Viall and his final four women will all head off to begin the hometown dates.

Raven Gates’ family visit will be shown first and Bachelor spoilers indicate that Nick and Raven will spend some dirty, frisky time together ahead of having dinner with her loved ones. They’ll climb a grain bin, which is apparently something of a traditional in Gates’ hometown of Hoxie, Arkansas, and there is a bit of a tease on the way with a police siren and a supposed threat that Viall could be in trouble. Of course, he won’t really be in trouble, and some have a hunch that this officer just might turn out to be Raven’s brother, who works in law enforcement.

Raven and Nick will also do some four-wheeling through a muddy marsh and this leads to some wet, muddy, frisky fun between the two of them. The Bachelor spoilers via the previews show that he’ll strip off his shirt and the two will get quite close in the mess of the marsh and it looks like the sparks will be flying. Later, Viall meets her family and there are some serious topics that will be discussed. As it happens, Gates’ dad had been battling cancer for a while at this point during filming and it sounds as if he’ll have some positive news about his condition to share.

Viall faces the families during Week 8’s broadcast [Image by KGC-146/STAR MAX/IPx]

The second hometown date that will be shown will be Rachel Lindsay’s in Dallas, Texas. The Bachelor spoilers reveal that she will take him to her church during their time together and viewers will be curious to see how Viall handles heading to a predominantly black church on this hometown date. Teasers hint that he’ll embrace the opportunity and he’ll later meet the Lindsay family.

Previews have revealed that Rachel’s mom will grill her guest a bit and this couple will have some serious discussions about how they would handle being an interracial couple were they to move forward from the show together. Teasers suggest that he hits it off with the Lindsay family and Rachel might feel bold enough to tell him how she is really feeling about him.

Corinne Olympios’ date will air third and Nick heads to Miami, Florida for this one. The Bachelor spoilers note that Olympios and Viall will do some shopping at a high-end mall and everybody will get to meet Corinne’s “nanny” Raquel. This date brings some grilling from Corinne’s father as he questions whether this suitor can give his daughter the kind of lifestyle she’s used to living.

The last hometown that will air is Vanessa Grimaldi’s and this one takes place in Montreal, Canada. Nick and Vanessa will visit the students she works with as a special education teacher and things will get crafty. Grimaldi’s students may like this new suitor, but Vanessa’s loved ones apparently have some hesitations. The question of where the couple would live will come up, and Bachelor spoilers have hinted that this geographical issue may ultimately become a big issue for this pair.

Viall meets the families on Episode 8 of ‘The Bachelor’ 2017 season [Image by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]

The Bachelor spoilers add that Vanessa’s father will reveal something about Nick that causes some concern and previews have shown that the Grimaldi patriarch may hold back his blessing when it comes to the idea of a proposal. Ultimately, the ladies will meet up with Nick in New York for the next rose ceremony, but another woman steps in to shake things up a bit.

Former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman will show up at Viall’s hotel and while the network naturally teases that this visit could turn everything upside down, it doesn’t sound as if this ultimately turns into all that much. Who is eliminated next? Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers reveal that Corinne will be heading back to Florida by herself while Nick, Vanessa, Raven, and Rachel head off to Finland for the overnight dates.

Reality Steve’s spoilers have revealed the scoop regarding Viall’s final rose and it has been announced that Rachel Lindsay will be the next Bachelorette lead. Are there any shockers on the way to shake things up or is Nick Viall soon going to be happily engaged to either Corinne Olympios, Vanessa Grimaldi, or Raven Gates? Week 8 of ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season airs on Monday, February 20 and fans cannot wait to see what happens next.

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