Man Divorces ‘Demon’ Wife After She Demands Oral Sex While Having Her Period

A man in Nigeria refused to remain married to his “demon” wife of 12 years after she continually requested for oral sex while having her period.

Metro reported that Idongesit Etuk, 38, of Agege recently filed to permanently separate from his spouse, 40-year-old Blessing, after she allegedly demanded that he “suck her blood” during their sexual relations. Furthermore, Blessing’s strange preference has Etuk thoroughly convinced that his wife is a member of some kind of secret cult.

“My wife is demonic,” Idongesit relayed to court officials.

“For several years, she [would] insist that we have sex when she [was] having her monthly flow. I didn’t have issues with that at first,” he continued, “because she is my wife and I vowed to love her.”

Nevertheless, that love couldn’t save their union once, according to Etuk, she asked for him to repeat the raunchy feat every single time her “Aunt Flo” came to town.

“She always [insists] that I give her a bl*w j*b,” Etuk specified to the divorce judge.

“Initially, I did not take her seriously, but she threatened to divorce me and take our two children along with her, if I don’t give her what she asked for.”

demon wife period

The “demon” wife in question countered her husband’s statements by explaining that she only asked Etuk to perform the act once, and not every single time that she had her period.

“I do not force him,” Blessing explained to court president Phillip Williams.

“I asked him only once and when he disagreed, I did not bother him again.”

Blessing also declared that unlike her husband, she wasn’t ready to end their marriage just yet.

“I still love my husband and I cannot bear to leave without him,” she reportedly expressed.

“[Also], my children cannot live without a father at such tender ages.”

Despite her outcry to remain betrothed, Mr. Etuk expressed that he was wholly done with holy matrimony.

“Please, I am tired of the union,” he told the judge, adding, “if she is not in a secret cult, [then] how can I suck her blood when I did not have any spiritual covenant with her?”

“[She] is also abusive and arrogant,” Mr. Etuk persisted, “[and] she lacks respect for my family.”

Despite of the inanity of his claim, court president Williams still officially granted Mr. Etuk’s request to disengage the union with his period-persistent “demon” wife, citing that the husband felt that his life was “threatened” by relenting to Blessing’s period fetish.

“The respondent will have custody of the children,” Mr. Williams said, “and all expenses will be paid by the complainant who will have free access to the children.”

While splitting up a marriage over a strange yet personal preference might be peculiar to some, an Asian man was once said to have divorced his wife on grounds of deception after he felt that she was too ugly to be married to.

FOX 31 reported on the individual, a man named Jian Feng, who allegedly believed that his wife was cheating due to his newborn daughter not mirroring his or his spouse’s supposed “good looks.”

“I married my wife out of love,” the begrudged groom allegedly expressed to the Irish Times, “but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues. Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.”

After arguing incessantly over the child’s facial features, the wife, who was not named publicly, admitted that “she had spent [nearly] $100,000 on intense plastic surgeries to drastically change her appearance before she met Feng,” the FOX 31 post stated.

Feng was said to have been completely in the dark about his wife’s plastic surgery history.

The judge purportedly sided with the discontent husband and awarded him $120,000 for his troubles; however, several weeks after the story went public, the myth-busting website Snopes uncovered that the entire ordeal had been a sham. No word on if the story of the “demon” wife with a penchant for bloody oral sex similarly falls into a realm of fiction.

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