Lohan Stars In New Trailer For ‘The Canyons’ [Video]

Lindsay Lohan’s new movie, The Canyons, got another trailer today and it’s just as strange as the first.

The new trailer plays like an SNL skit mocking bad movies.

Screen writer Bret Easton Ellis is introduced as a “Twitter-obsessed author,” director Paul Schrader is introduced as a “never-nominated director,” and Lohan is introduced as a former celebrity.

Ok, the one about Lohan isn’t true.

Lohan is actually introduced as “Tara, a sensuous woman” and porn star James Deen is called a “potent new-screen personality.”

The trailer is in black and white but the narrator promises that the movie will be in “technicolor.”

The trailer for The Canyons looks so terribly bad that it’s hard to believe that the movie will be taken seriously by anyone. And that includes the filmmakers.

At the end of the trailer, you know the part where the audience is usually told when they can see the movie, the narrator announces that The Canyons will be “coming soon to an internet server of your choice.”

Here’s Lindsay Lohan in the new trailer for The Canyons.

Do you think The Canyons will be successful? Will the film’s bizarre style, Lindsay Lohan and James Deen capture an audience?

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