Nicole Bass Not Dead, But Will Be Taken Off Life Support As New Theories Emerge

Earlier today, reports had emerged that former WWE Superstar Nicole Bass had died on Thursday evening at the age of 52. But a new report suggests that the muscular women’s wrestler is still alive, but due to be taken off life support later on tonight. There have also been comments from a former WWE colleague who suspected that drugs might have been involved in her medical issues.

Prior to beginning her career in the WWE, Nicole Bass was a decorated bodybuilder who had won the NPC National Bodybuilding Championship in 1997 and placed highly in several other competitions. At the age of 33, the six-foot-two-inch, 230-pound Bass made her pro wrestling debut early in 1998 in Extreme Championship Wrestling, and she moved on to the WWE in 1999, debuting as the bodyguard to then-Women’s Champion Sable. She had enjoyed success in an enforcer role during her short tenure in WWE, but Bass left the company abruptly when she sued WWE for sexual harassment.

Nicole Bass had also made repeated appearances on the Howard Stern Show before and after her wrestling career, and she was part of the controversial shock jock’s “Wack Pack.” According to the Daily Mail, she had been on his show only a little less than two weeks ago, appearing on February 6.

Yesterday, Bass’ girlfriend Kristen Marrone went on Nicole’s Facebook account to announce that she had apparently passed away after a short, unspecified illness.

“A few days ago Nicole got very sick. She was brought into the hospital and they did everything they could to help her. I have been sitting here with her in the room 24/7 since she got here making sure she was being given the best possible care. Today we learned that there is nothing else that can be done.”

“Nicole was an amazing woman. Strong not only on the outside but inside as well. Beautiful soul and kind heart. Many people knew Nicole but few ever got close enough to know the REAL woman that she was. I got to be one of the lucky few.”

While multiple sources reported on Nicole Bass’ death soon after Marrone’s Facebook post, a new report from Pro Wrestling Sheet states that the former WWE wrestler is still alive, but currently brain dead and due to be taken off life support later on today. This was based on conversations the publication had with a hospital employee, who confirmed that she remains hospitalized as of Friday morning.

“We spoke with a front desk employee at the hospital Bass is currently located in, who confirmed she’s there. Our sources say her girlfriend put the word out today on Facebook though — before the ex-wrestler actually passed — because she felt as though Nicole was already gone.”

Pro Wrestling Sheet added that Nicole Bass became brain dead after suffering a heart attack, and at this point, there’s “nothing else” doctors could do to save her life.

Since Kristen Marrone’s announcement of her girlfriend Nicole Bass’ apparent death, the wrestling industry has chimed in with tributes to the bodybuilder-turned-wrestler. But there are also questions as to what caused her heart attack.

Speaking on the Tomorrow Show, Nicole’s fellow Attitude Era wrestler, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, told host Keven Undergaro (quotes c/o WrestleZone) that he initially believed the medical issues might have been drug-related. He noted that Bass had been having a tough time in life since the death of her husband, Bob Fuchs, in 2013.

“I was making an assumption that maybe there were drugs involved and that’s not a good assumption to make. It’s wrong, you know…It’s a pretty safe guess, like, if you’re gonna take a wild guess about someone in my industry dying. It’s a pretty safe one to make… She’s struggled the past few years. Her husband died, and they had a really codependent relationship. She–they really needed each other.”

Aside from confirming that Nicole Bass isn’t dead yet, Pro Wrestling Sheet noted that it isn’t sure whether police have investigated the situation.

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