‘The Division’ 1.6 Release Date Could Be Announced By Ubisoft Soon

The Division 1.6 release date could arrive any day now, which is an exciting thought for gamers who want to try out the latest gameplay enhancements to be introduced in the upcoming patch. At least, that is what gamers are expecting to happen soon. With the public server testing already wrapped up on February 10, there is nothing left for Ubisoft to do but eventually release the free update; the sooner, the better as far as gamers are concerned.

Since Ubisoft announced that it would be rolling out The Division 1.6 update, fans have been eagerly anticipating the upcoming update. It is understandable as the developer has been teasing gamers about the exciting changes and additions to the gameplay the new update could bring; changes that are described as to be massive in scope.

Perhaps the biggest change that The Division update 1.6 will be bringing to the game when it releases is the addition of three new areas to explore in the Dark Zone, as revealed in its patch notes posted in Ubisoft’s forum. Originally, the Dark Zone drew some flack when it first released, but it seems that those initial reactions did not deter Ubisoft from its mission to improve the online game.

The upcoming free update shows that Ubisoft is really bent on improving The Division gameplay in the Dark Zone by offering even more expansive areas for players to explore. When the update 1.6 arrives, the area of the Dark Zone will double in size with the introduction of three new zones. Now renamed Dark Zone North, The Division 1.6 update will offer players plenty of space to roam around and fight AI enemies.

But what is even more interesting is that when The Division 1.6 update release date arrives, gamers can now fight against each other in the multiplayer area of the Dark Zone North as well. But the downside could be that while the Dark Zone North has doubled in size, the player count remains the same. This means that it might take some time before players will eventually find another player to fight as they could be spread out even more sparsely than they were before update 1.6

But spending time in the new and improved Dark Zone North will not be a boring experience, though. The Division 1.6 update patch will populate the zone with more powerful AI enemies lurking just around the corner to keep players on their toes.

More competitive gamers will definitely love the changes to The Division gameplay with the introduction of the 1.6 update. There will be scheduled weekly and monthly events, and players will be ranked in the leaderboards based on their performance in these events.

Aside from the bragging rights that come with a higher leaderboard rank, players will have another motivation for trying to do their best during these events. Ubisoft promised that players would get better rewards the higher they score.

For the aesthetically conscious crowd, the upcoming The Division 1.6 update will be heaven-sent as it will bring in more customization options. When the free update rolls out, gamers can try out new clothing sets for their agents, as well as weapon and backpack skins. What is even more exciting is that the available aesthetic enhancements refresh weekly and may be obtained via The Terminal Premium Vendor.

The Division is Ubisoft’s open world third-person shooter that is playable only online. Launched in March of 2016, the game transports players to the world imagined by the late novelist and game designer, Tom Clancy. Its appeal was massive, which translated into record-breaking sales. The Division became the gaming industry’s biggest first-week launch after the title earned $330 million worldwide.

However, its reputation immediately went into a nosedive with the bugs and the sometimes inconsistent updates. The upcoming The Division 1.6 patch would be the game’s sixth major update which, aside from introducing new elements into the gameplay, will also be fixing a host of known issues in the game that will hopefully further improve the gameplay experience of its loyal players.

The Division update 1.6 release date is expected to be slated for a simultaneous release with the game’s The Division Expansion III: The Last Stand DLC. At the moment, Ubisoft is yet to announce their release dates, but many are hopeful that since the public test server already wrapped up on February 10, the announcement of their release would follow soon. Be sure to follow the Inquisitr for the latest gaming news.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]