Lakers Trade Rumors: Lou Williams to the Cleveland Cavaliers?

With 19 wins and 39 losses, it is very easy to state that the Los Angeles Lakers will be missing the NBA postseason once again. Now that the NBA trade deadline is in sight, it is starting to become more important for the Lakers trade decisions, not for this season, but for the future of the franchise.

One player who is most likely on his way out due to a Lakers trade is Lou Williams. A Lakers trade of Williams won't be because of a lack of talent or skill on his part, but he could bring in what the Lakers need for the future, and making a trade with Williams involved could work out best for both the Lakers and the shooting guard.

A Lakers trade of Williams is being heavily talked about in many trade rumor articles, and for good reason. If the Lakers aren't getting close to a playoff spot this season, why not rock the boat for the remainder of the NBA season? It would be smart for the Lakers to trade Williams, but until a trade by the Lakers happens, Williams is going to keep playing basketball.

This season with the Lakers, Williams is averaging 18.6 points per game with 3.2 assists and 2.3 rebounds per game. Those numbers for the 30-year-old Lakers guard will make teams interested in trading younger players along with NBA draft picks, making that a very intriguing offer for the Lakers.

As for Williams, being traded to a playoff contender would be best for him so he doesn't have to continue to be a part of a rebuild that will need more patience. Plus, with his play this season, he deserves to be a part of a Lakers trade to join a team that can win games right now.

Williams was quoted by Serena Winters of about a potential Lakers trade and how he deals with being a part of Lakers trade rumors.

"Just go out and hoop, let the powers that be deal with it."

That said, a Lakers trade of Williams could possibly net a very nice return for the Lakers, as contending teams most likely would trade a first-round selection to make their team more competitive today.

The more it is thought about, one team that could really use Williams and make a trade for the shooting guard in a Lakers trade is the Cleveland Cavaliers, especially since they are playing without forward Kevin Love for at least six weeks.

Adding a player like Williams to the Cavs not only brings them depth, but they could then be able to trade some others on their roster and give themselves some insurance with players like recently-added Kyle Korver and others.

Even those in NBA circles are thinking about a Lakers trade of Williams to the Cavs, as Alex Kennedy of mentions the possibility of it in a recent NBA rumors article.

"While Cleveland held a free-agent workout for point guards recently, a trade for a reserve point guard is still a strong possibility. There are a number of players who fit that bill on the market right now (such as Lou Williams)…"

The Cavs could trade some other guards on their roster, and with a first-round pick in a Lakers trade involving Williams, both teams could get what they need most for their franchise, which for the Cavs is depth on their oft-injured roster.

Plus, with the Toronto Raptors improving their roster by trading for Serge Ibaka this week, the Cavs need to not just react, but make a move to help replace points lost by losing Love for over the next couple months, even if it is at a different position on the court.

Even with the Cavs still in a bit of limbo when it comes to making a potential trade, the Lakers seem to be holding the advantage with not just the Cavs, but other NBA teams who want to be involved with a Lakers trade of Williams or another player on the Los Angeles roster.

[Featured Image by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]