Duggar Family Member Tweets Support Of Black Lives Matter Movement

The Duggar family has been publicly quite divided on the Black Lives Matter movement, with two of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s three sons-in-law expressing opposing opinions on the matter. Ben Seewald has expressed some support for the sentiment, while Derick Dillard has show support, instead, for the movement to boycott organizations that don’t prevent employees from engaging in peaceful protest.

The rest of the Duggar family has remained largely quiet on the matter, though. Now one more Duggar family member is adding an opinion. Cousin Amy Rachelle Duggar King has distanced herself from the family somewhat while still spinning her appearances on the reality show 19 Kids and Counting into an appearance on another reality show, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and the extensive social media following from the Duggar name and reality stardom translates into exposure for her new clothing line.

While Amy may be billed as the ‘rebel Duggar’ and often defined by the ways her religious beliefs differ from the fundamentalism of her cousins, her public persona is not the liberal social justice aficionado that one might imagine as the polar opposite of the rest of the Duggar family, with their frequent public messages on abortion and religion.

Instead, Amy, at least publicly, is more moderate, and far less publicly vocal about her political views. She and her husband, Dillon King, make their social media personas more about their business matters and social and domestic life. In fact, after a post that appeared to support Donald Trump on election night, Dillon quickly backtracked.

I just posted who won, and who will be our president… I never said anything about who I support or what I agree or disagree with. NO ONE ON HERE KNOWS MY POSITION, OR HOW I FEEL ABOUT THE ISSUES.

However, Amy Duggar King didn’t weigh in much on that conversation, only expressing amusement at her husband ‘stirring the pot.’

Ohh hunny… you’re always stirring the pot lol

She did express her own appreciation of the newly elected President on Twitter, though she didn’t indicate how she had voted.

On the Black Lives Matter movement, however, the Duggar cousin and her husband have had little to say, until late Wednesday night.

To celebrate Black History Month, Fayetteville, Arkansas, is flying a banner that includes the phrase ‘Back Lives Matter’ as well as the hashtag ‘#FayettevilleCares.’ According to the Arkansas Times, the banner wasn’t placed by the city itself, but by a local group, Compassion Fayetteville, with the city’s permission.

This banner flies near the Duggar family home in Tontitown, Arkansas, and Fayetteville is also the center of some of the Duggar family’s activism — it’s the city that was considering an ordinance protecting transgender individuals’ access to bathrooms, which Michelle Duggar helped to prevent by lending her voice to a robocall message.

In her Wednesday night tweet, Amy Duggar King shared an image of the banner, expressing her pleasure that it flies in her hometown — though she also used a hashtag that seems to be a variant on the ‘All Lives Matter’ response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

I love my hometown! #Faytown #everylifematters

If Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, or any of their adult offspring, have any opinions about the banner, they haven’t expressed them publicly. The two sons-in-law, who have been the most vocal Duggar family members about how race, discrimination, and religion tie together, have also remained silent.

As for Amy Rachelle Duggar King, one thing many of her followers have expressed is an appreciation that she holds her own views and doesn’t follow the stricter beliefs of the Duggar family — so it’s unlikely this will cause her any backlash.

[Featured Image by Amy King/Instagram]

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