Arizona Woman Runs Down Husband After He Fails To Vote For Mitt Romney

Holly Solomon ran down her husband with the family car in Phoenix, Arizona after he skipped out on the chance to vote in the Presidential elections. Holly expected her husband to vote for Mitt Romney.

Solomon, 28, was arrested after she chased down her husband and pinned him underneath the vehicle.

According to police spokesman Sergeant Jesse Sanger, 36-year-old Daniel Solomon is listed in critical condition, but doctors expect him to survive the murder attempt.

Daniel told police that his wife was enraged over his “lack of voter participation.” Daniel also claimed that his wife believed their family would face hardship because of President Obama’s win.

According to witnesses, the couple broke out in a fight on Saturday morning. The argument began in a parking lot before Holly jumped in the family vehicle and began chasing her husband around the parking lot.

Daniel Solomon managed to hide behind a light pole before attempting to flee to a nearby street. His attempt to get away failed, which led to the attempted murder.

While “every vote counts,” the truth is Arizona’s 11 electoral votes were won by Mitt Romney regardless of Daniel’s lack of voting, and they wouldn’t have made a difference regardless of their outcome. Obama won 332 electoral votes to Mitt Romney’s 206 electoral votes.

This sadly is not the first time we have reported about spousal violence brought about by election results.

Solomon has been charged with domestic violence and aggravated assault.

If her objective was to turn her husband into a Democrat, she might have reached that goal.