Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Marriage Plans Can Be Vetoed By Queen Elizabeth

Talks of royal nuptials have been floating around on the Internet for Prince Harry and girlfriend, Meghan Markle. Just recently, the loved-up couple spent their first Valentine’s together “in the most low-key style possible—at home.”

According to US Magazine, an insider has claimed that the 32-year-old royal and his ladylove spent the day in Kensington Palace. It looks like Harry’s Nottingham Cottage is now serving as Meghan’s home base. The palace’s security already knows her, and she “slips in and out whenever she likes.”

Two weeks ago, the couple was seen at the members-only club, Soho House, where their mutual friend, Markus Anderson, introduced them both more than eight months ago. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were spotted holding hands after leaving the private members’ club, as they walked back to their ride.

“They were out with a couple of friends and enjoyed drinks and food. They were sat in one of the cozier areas of the first floor, and Harry had two protection officers present, but you wouldn’t really notice them if you weren’t paying close attention,” reported a diner who witnessed the rendezvous.

According to witnesses, the couple appeared to be very comfortable, and everyone in the group looked like they were having a great time. Harry and Meghan didn’t seem at all conscious that they were out in a public place. It’s probably because Soho House has been the go-to club for the lovebirds. They have enjoyed several nights out in Soho House Los Angeles and Toronto. Also, they have arranged for weekend trips to Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire.

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But the couple has also been careful about their public dates. A US Magazine source has noted that Prince Harry knows where they won’t attract too much attention. A list of places he perhaps got from Prince William who has gone through the same thing with then girlfriend Kate Middleton, when they were still dating. Kate is of course now the Duchess of Cambridge.

Meanwhile, the public is expecting an engagement announcement, as Prince Harry and Meghan seem to be very serious with their relationship. Initially, the two have kept a low profile, with Markle only revealing cryptic posts on Instagram. It was a bracelet on her arm that paved the way for suspicion, as Prince Harry was spotted wearing a matching accessory. This sparked rumors, and Meghan began to be hounded for the real score between her and the royal. It was then that the Kensington Palace released a statement in an attempt to curb harassment that Meghan and her family were being subjected to by the press.

This move revealed the Prince’s real feelings for the Suits star, and this triggered another anticipated announcement from the two. Is marriage in the cards?

It has been reported that Meghan has already met Prince William and Duchess Kate as well as Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The American actress has yet to be introduced to Queen Elizabeth II, and for this, she and Prince Harry needs to be prepared. In fact, if the couple has any plans to tie the knot, Meghan will need to impress and be liked by the Queen because her future with Prince Harry is in the monarch’s hands.

Prince Harry needs to get Queen Elizabeth’s permission to wed Meghan Markle just as Prince William did when he married Kate Middleton. [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

According to the Royal Marriages Act 1772, any direct descendants of the ruling sovereign must first be granted permission before marrying. The monarch has the right to veto a marriage, and should this ruling be ignored, the union would be considered null and void. King George III enforced this law in the 18th century because he had disapproved of his brother’s new wife. This act he himself had to acknowledge on three of his seven sons, who were blocked and deemed illegitimate by the monarch.

In 2011, the Perth Agreement was put in place as proposed by Prime Minister David Cameron. This limited the law to only the next six people in line for the throne. Unfortunately, Prince Harry was bumped down to the fifth spot after Prince George and Princess Charlotte, so he has no escape from this royal decree. But with the Queen who has allowed the marriage of Prince Charles to Camilla Parker Bowles, and Prince William to Kate Middleton, it looks like Prince Harry doesn’t need to worry about getting vetoed by his grandma.

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