Ellen DeGeneres Show Makes Dreams Come True: Ed Sheeran Surprises Child Star Kai

Ellen DeGeneres had the best Valentine’s Day this year.

It’s not every day that one gets to be as lovingly serenaded as Ellen was last Tuesday, February 14. Kai, a child star that first got popularity on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, dropped by not only to belt out an Ed Sheeran hit, but to also give the talk show host one of the sweetest Valentine’s cards ever.

“It says what I love about you,” the 8-year-old Kai answered when Ellen asked about what the card contained. He added, “You’re beautiful and you’re the best, and you’re my first girlfriend and I love you.”

We can only imagine Ellen DeGeneres’ heart melting as the kid adorably expressed his love.

As mentioned earlier, Kai’s Valentine’s gift for one of his closest friends did not end there; he also surprised viewers by singing “Thinking Out Loud,” one of Ed Sheeran’s most popular tracks. The kid sang as best as he could, with hand gestures that tell us he “gets” the song’s heartwarming message.

While it can be said that Kai surprised Ellen DeGeneres with these cute Valentine’s Day gifts, it turns out that there was a much bigger surprise in store for him.

In the middle of Kai’s performance, there was a moment when the studio audience suddenly screamed their hearts out into a loud cheer. At first, the reason for this sudden explosion of applause was not obvious. But moments later, the camera revealed that Ed Sheeran himself has just entered the studio and was walking towards the kid.

A photo of Ed Sheeran performing at the 59th Grammy Awards

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter from England finally sat behind Kai, smiling as he watched the kid passionately belt out one of his songs. One could tell that he’s absolutely delighted by the little guy singing his heart out.

It’s also cute to note that Kai did not really notice his idol being only few inches behind him, thanks to his dedication — the kid was so into it that his eyes were closed during the whole performance!

When Kai was done singing, Ellen DeGeneres said “Aww, that’s beautiful,” before gesturing that the little crooner should turn around and look at who’s behind him.

The Daily Mail described what just happened as a “meeting of a lifetime.” Kai could only muster a brief “Hi,” perhaps a bit star-struck that one of his favorite singers was sitting just inches away in front of him.

Sheeran was a sport, tapping the kid’s back and saying that he was just watching him in the dressing room, essentially saying that he just needed to get out there and meet this kid. Apparently, Ed Sheeran was also one of Ellen DeGeneres’ Valentine guests. He later performed “Shape of You,” a song from his upcoming and highly anticipated album Divide.

Furthermore, for Kai, meeting Ed Sheeran was only the start of a great day. Earlier in their talk, DeGeneres mentioned that Kai did not get what he wanted for his birthday: a “baby brother that was only 5-years-old, because, if he’s so young all you could really do is just rub its head.”

While Ellen cannot immediately grant this cute request for obvious reasons, one thing she can certainly do is grant his other request, which involves Manchester City and Kai’s love for soccer.

“I really like Manchester City and the Premiere League so I wanted to see them play. But my Dad says it’s way too much money so I can only go when I’m 16,” Kai said.

“Well, your Dad’s wrong,” Ellen DeGeneres replied. The kid’s face lit up when the host revealed that, thanks to the City of Manchester, Kai and his family gets to go on an all-expense-paid trip with accommodations and a non-stop flight from Houston to England so that they could watch Manchester City play soccer.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]