Flip Or Flop Divorce: Why The El Moussas Are Moving On From Their Marriage

Fans of Flip or Flop are no doubt concerned about why Christina and Tarek El Moussa are getting a divorce. After all, the seemingly happy couple has hosted the show as a team for some time now, and news of their divorce shocked fans. So what are the reasons for the couple’s divorce?

The answer to that will depend largely on whom you ask, with rumors of infidelity, mental illness, and emotional abuse coming up in the conversation. Meanwhile, Christina and Tarek themselves are staying away from talking about why they’re getting divorced, instead focusing on moving forward with their brand despite the end of their marriage.

Does Pool Contractor Gary Anderson Have Anything To Do With It?

Gary Anderson’s name has come up in discussions for the reasons for the Flip or Flop stars’ divorce, and with good reason: Christina and Gary are now being photographed strolling around hand-in-hand, and her divorce from Tarek isn’t even final yet.

And, as reported by the Inquisitr, Christina is even cozying up to Anderson’s daughters.

But does that mean that Gary is solely responsible for the El Moussas’ divorce? It certainly appears, based on insider sources and a police report, that Christina was carrying on some sort of relationship with Gary before the couple announced their divorce. An anonymous source close to the couple says that they were texting each other, leading to an ugly incident in which the police were called to the couple’s home, according to a January In Touch Weekly report.

However, both Christina and Tarek, in statements, have insisted that there was no infidelity before the couple announced their split.

“Neither of us was involved in a romantic relationship with any third party prior to our separation, or believes the other was.”

Was/Is Tarek El Moussa Verbally Or Physically Abusive To Christina?

Based on statements from anonymous insiders close to the couple, it appears that the El Moussas’ marriage was hostile and uncomfortable even before Christina and Gary reportedly got involved with each other. However, it bears noting that allegations about Tarek El Moussa’s behavior towards Christina are just that: allegations. They are provided by anonymous third parties speaking to the media and have not, as of this writing, been confirmed.

According to those unsubstantiated statements, made in a January In Touch Weekly report, Tarek would allegedly grab Christina’s butt or breasts while on-set, to publicly humiliate her. Further, says the source, he enjoyed being verbally abusive to her in front of the cast and crew as well.

“When she said the wrong thing and they had to do a retake, he got p****d. He often made her cry. Tarek found humor in humiliating his wife in repeated verbal attacks. Some of his bad behavior was even caught on camera [in footage that never aired]. Tarek called Christina a ‘whore’ on set many times.”

What Does The El Moussas’ Divorce Mean For The Future Of Flip Or Flop?

Christina and Tarek are, for now, putting on a brave face for the cameras and continuing to co-host the show as a team. However, that may be coming to an end as well. As Yahoo News reports, both Christina and Tarek are interested in dissolving their on-screen relationship, too. Both Tarek and Christina are reportedly pitching ideas for solo, spin-off Flip or Flop projects, but as of this writing, it does not appear as if any of those solo projects are being considered by HGTV management.

Meanwhile, the El Moussas put their differences aside for a live public appearance recently, too. The unhappy couple appeared on stage together at the 2017 Investor Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tarek posted a photo of the couple sharing the stage, all smiles.

Me and #christina on the #big #stage having #fun and teaching folks how to #flip #houses!! #goodtimes #lovespeakingtogether

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An insider source tells ET that the pair is doing their best to put aside whatever ugliness doomed their marriage to maintain their brand and,