Compromising Pictures Emerge On Binky Felstead’s Instagram

Binky and JP may just well announce that they are officially together. Binky shared a picture of herself and JP cuddling in bed and they both appeared to be naked as the two were shirtless. She captioned the picture as, “Happy Valentine’s day to this gorgeous baby daddy to be. Count myself very lucky to have you in my life.”

The two may have said that they are not back together but have admitted to go on dates and to do couple like things. The only thing left if for the two to actually say it out loud. The post however may have made them Instagram official, as that has become the new trend to announce relationships.

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The picture seemed to lead to their fans asking if there was another person in bed with them she then responded that they had used a selfie stick for the Valentine’s Day picture.

Binky’s shock pregnancy

The Made in Chelsea stars are due to expect their first child together sometime this year. The two were not on speaking terms as their tumultuous relationship had come to a halt. She had the help of her mother when it came to telling JP about the shock pregnancy.

The two had split twice before on their show but they continued to have love for each other. Their history together has been showcased and it was an interesting twist when she shocked her fans as well when she announced the pregnancy.

She has admitted that the pregnancy has brought them closer together. She did, however, say that the two would not get together because of their baby. She told Hello! magazine that the on and off couple wouldn’t get back together because they were having a baby. They are, however, ready to co-parent and raise their child together.

They’re set to expect their baby around the summer and they are very excited about this. Binky said that they were incredibly lucky and felt blessed.

During her interview with OK! Magazine she revealed that two might possibly get together. She said that their child would have both their surnames but that would possibly change if the two were to get hitched. The news so far has been great for the two, as they have been getting better than ever according to Binky. She revealed that despite doing couple things such as going on dates together they weren’t together but they did indeed love each other.

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This pregnancy news may end up becoming one of the storylines on the show Made In Chelsea. She started off in 2011 and this may be a central story to her growth on the show and it may even involve other cast members on the reality show. The couples are they together or are they not together may also add some spice to the show.

One of her best friends, Ollie Locke reiterated that she definitely wouldn’t get back together with JP because of their child but she was happy with the future. Binky has hinted that one of the people on MIC may be her child’s godparent.

“I think everyone can probably guess, but there’s definitely one cast member from Made In Chelsea who’ll be one of the godparents,” she hinted

Binky And JP Enjoy Her New Body

Made in Chelsea star talked to LOOK about her new physical appearance and revealed that she has a small bump and that she and JP were enjoying her new boobs. She is, however, feeling a bit bloated but she’s grateful that she doesn’t have any morning sickness.

The star whose collection with In The Style is out had shared with MailOnline that she had been craving carbs but she was trying her best to be healthy. Which is quite evident on her social media the star has shared a variety of exercise that she has been doing. When it came to her style she said that she was wearing her maternity pants and mostly comfortable clothing.

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