NBA Trade Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Look To Acquire Lou Williams From Lakers

The Toronto Raptors recently made a big splash when they acquired versatile big man, Serge Ibaka. This trade was definitely a bold statement from the Raptors that they are dead serious about dethroning the Cleveland Cavaliers for supremacy in the East.

To top it all off, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star power forward Kevin Love will be side-lined for at least six weeks. This has got to be pretty alarming for Cleveland, considering that they are already hobbled with other injuries. However, a recent report by Hoops Hype, of a potential Cleveland Cavaliers trade might just give them back the advantage in the East.

The proposed trade will send Lou Williams to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Iman Shumpert and some future picks. Lou Williams could be the extra playmaker that the Cavaliers need and will address their glaring problems off the bench. Lou Williams is an incredible scorer and any team would love to have him as their sixth man.

Having Lou Williams on the Cleveland Cavaliers bench will give the team an extra burst of offense. Williams can create his own shots through isolations and gets to the line quite a lot. He is also a good perimeter scorer and will fit well with the Cleveland Cavaliers offensive spacing. Lou Williams has that uncanny ability to score from any part of the floor and can dish and drive to guys like Kyle Korver and Channing Frye.

While Lou Williams is not the best when it comes to facilitating the offense, he is still a capable playmaker especially when he is initiating the offensive sets. The Cleveland Cavaliers need someone who can take over the offensive scheme every time the dynamic duo of Lebron James and Kyrie Irving need a breather.

This area is probably the most important aspect that Lou Williams could provide for the Cleveland Cavaliers. His ability to take over the scoring load will allow Lebron James and Kyrie Irving to rest up. The two have been carrying the burden of the Cavaliers all season long because of various injuries and a paper thin bench. The simple addition of Lou Williams to Cleveland will automatically make their second unit quite formidable and reliable.

Lou Williams can also switch to the shooting guard position for the Cleveland Cavaliers while JR Smith is still nursing his injury. His ability from outside will fit quite nicely alongside Lebron James and Kyrie Irving.

On the other side of the court, Lou Williams is not exactly known to be a great defender. His on ball defense is decent at best and he tends to get lost in the defensive rotation at times. The Cleveland Cavaliers will probably need to let Lou Williams shine in a role where his defensive lapses won’t be too noticeable – and that is to come off the bench and score a bunch of points for the woeful Cleveland second unit.

Assuming that both JR Smith and Kevin Love returns to the starting five, the Cleveland Cavaliers could have a second unit composed of Lou Williams, Kyle Korver, Richard Jefferson, James Jones, and Channing Frye. That bench might not be the best defensive lineup in the NBA, but it certainly is going to give Cleveland one of the most explosive second units. All the players in that lineup can knock it down from long range and Williams’ amazing knack for making isolation plays will be the catalyst.

According to Lakers Nation, the Los Angeles Lakers are actively shopping around Lou Williams for any takers. The Cavs will probably have to give some picks to go along with Iman Shumpert if they want the Lakers to at least be mildly interested.

The trade deadline is just some days away, and the Cleveland Cavaliers need to tweak their roster a bit as other teams are starting to catch up.

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