Angelina Jolie Hires A Publicist After Her ‘Smear Campaign’ Against Brad Tanked

Angelina Jolie is doing whatever it takes to turn public opinion in her favor. In the midst of her heated divorce with Brad Pitt, the actress is reportedly reaching out to a publicist for the first time.

An insider told Page Six that Jolie is seeking help after her failed smear campaign against Pitt. The actress is one of the few stars in Hollywood that doesn’t have an active publicist. Back in 2014, Jolie explained how she “had [a publicist] once, years ago” but “didn’t like it.” With Pitt waging a winning war against Jolie in the press, she hopes a publicist will help transform her image.

While Jolie doesn’t have a publicist, she relied on a team of advisers after filing for divorce in September. This includes political specialist Judy Smith and her former manager Geyer Kosinski. Jolie allegedly received advice from former UK foreign secretary Lady Arminka Helic.

None of her advisors, however, specialize in showbiz. With her upcoming movie, First They Killed My Father, set to premiere, Jolie is looking for a top-notch publicist to help promote the film and put a positive spin on her divorce.

“She’s got a film coming out on Cambodia and will be doing some promotions around that,” an insider explained.

Angelina Jolie reportedly has political ambitions that may have caused a rift in her marriage. [Image by Jordan Pix/Getty Images]

While Jolie struggles in the press, Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Pitt is going back to work. After months of fighting Jolie in the court of public opinion, the actor is gearing up for a number of different movie projects, including War Machine and Okja. Pitt also helped produce The Lost City of Z, which is set to open in theaters by April.

Pitt’s career is clearly back on track, despite Jolie’s best efforts to turn Hollywood against him. As fans will recall, Pitt battled reports of child abuse, alcohol and drug use, and anger problems following his split with Jolie. The FBI and Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services eventually cleared Pitt of all the child abuse allegations.

Pitt also experienced a few victories in court. In fact, the estranged couple released a joint statement last month about keeping the divorce out of the media by hiring a private judge. The agreement was something Pitt fought hard to achieve, especially after personal information started leaking.

Now that Pitt’s life is returning to normal, Hollywood Life is reporting that Jolie wants to adopt a seventh child. It isn’t clear why she wants to adopt another kid, especially given how the custody battle over their other six children isn’t resolved. Even still, Pitt isn’t thrilled with the idea of expanding the brood.

“Brad’s worried what impact it will have on their kids,” an insider revealed.

Brad Pitt with Pax, Shiloh, Maddox and his parents Bill and Jane. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Angelina Jolie has allegedly wanted another kid for years. Pitt, however, has “always said no” and “felt their family was complete and that Angelina was crazy for wanting another kid.” Although Jolie is clearly doing her best to improve her image, adopting another child at this juncture probably isn’t the brightest idea.

That being said, Yahoo jus announced that Jolie and Pitt might be headed for a reconciliation. An insider revealed that Jolie has experienced a “dramatic change of heart” after a secret meeting with Pitt in New Orleans. Will they make amends and remain together?

“She admitted she made a mistake with the divorce and more than anything wants to be a family again,” the source explained. “Now that she’s had time to calm down, she regrets throwing their marriage away so quickly. She realizes she still loves Brad and misses the life they had together.”

Pitt and Jolie, who were spotted walking through the French Quarter last month, have not commented on the reports.

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