‘Bachelor’ Week 8 Spoilers: Nick Viall Faces Hometowns, An Elimination Looms

It is time for Nick Viall to meet some families on ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season and that is where things are headed for the Week 8 episode slated to air on Monday, February 20. Viewers were left hanging once again at the end of the last show, but there are spoilers available about what is coming up next.

TV Guide doesn’t share much in the way of specific Bachelor Week 8 spoilers in their synopsis, simply teasing that there are more surprises coming and Nick Viall will head off to four hometowns if he decides to stick around. Luckily, gossip guru Reality Steve’s teasers break down the specifics about what is set to go down during this February 20 episode.

In his latest blog post, Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers share that Episode 8 will pick up with the aftermath of his sending Kristina Schulman home ahead of the rose ceremony. Reality Steve has noted that there will be no rose ceremony at this point since there are no additional eliminations needed once Kristina has been eliminated.

Nick Viall faces an old flame soon according to 'The Bachelor' spoilers [Image by KGC-146/STAR MAX/IPx]

As Reality Steve had revealed some time ago, Viall’s final four are Corinne Olympios, Raven Gates, Rachel Lindsay, and Vanessa Grimaldi. All four ladies will take Nick home to meet their families and there will surely be some juicy Bachelor spoilers emerging later in the week about what goes well and what goes wrong during these meetings.

These are not always aired in the same order in which they are filmed, but Reality Steve’s Bachelor Week 8 spoilers noted that Corinne’s family was filmed first in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Rachel’s came second in Dallas, Texas. The third one filmed was Raven’s in Hoxie, Arkansas, and Vanessa’s hometown in Montreal, Canada came last. Viewers will have to wait to see just how it is incorporated, but it seems that the network threw together a little twist heading into this next rose ceremony that will surely be played up quite a bit via the previews.

The rose ceremony after the hometowns was reportedly held at the William Vale Hotel in New York, and a shocking woman will show up before Viall heads into the elimination. Reality Steve teases Bachelor spoilers indicating that this will be Andi Dorfman, but nobody should worry that she is about to plead for another chance at love with Nick.

How does Andi Dorfman figure into Nick Viall's 'Bachelor' season?
Andi Dorfman will be showing up to shake things up for Nick, spoilers detail [Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]

Apparently, Andi is brought in to share some advice with Nick, although most would imagine that the focus heading into this visit will be on teasing that she is coming back to get another shot with Viall rather than chat with him about how he should handle the difficult eliminations on the horizon. It’s not known yet how much of this conversation will be shown, but it sounds as if it will be played up in a way that will get everybody buzzing.

The Bachelor spoilers detail that Olympios will be eliminated at this next rose ceremony, but it may well be that this part is held over until the Week 9 show. Chances are probably pretty good that the Week 8 episode will end with Andi, or a mystery woman if the editing keeps her identity hidden, approaching Nick’s hotel room to talk with him. Once Corinne is eliminated, whether that be in the February 20 or the February 27 show, Viall and his final three will head to Finland for the overnight dates.

Which bachelorette garners Viall’s final rose? Reality Steve’s spoilers have broken down that tidbit already, and it sounds as if some additional support for those teasers will emerge when Jimmy Kimmel makes a big announcement Monday night. Show creator Mike Fleiss has been teasing something supposedly historic that is on the way, and the buzz is that Kimmel will get to reveal that Rachel Lindsay will be the Bachelorette 2017 lead.

Does Nick Viall find lasting love on ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season this winter? Fans are definitely buzzing over how this is all playing out and people cannot wait to see where things head next.

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