Jenelle Evans Ring: Will ‘Teen Mom’ Star’s Possible 6th Engagement Be The One?

Jenelle Evans recently gave birth to her third child, a little baby girl named Ensley, and she was super excited about becoming a mother to a little baby girl. Unlike her previous children, Jenelle appears to be taking a privacy angle with this new baby, as she’s keeping her thoughts to herself and the pictures to a minimum. Maybe Evans knows that people can be very judgmental and she doesn’t have time to deal with these haters. But this weekend, she did share a special moment with her fans, as David Eason proposed to her just weeks after giving birth to their daughter.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans is now showing off her ring that David gave her and she’s excited about how they are engaged. No word on the wedding planning, but one can imagine she wants to do things right and she has no problem waiting until they are finally in their new home and possibly with Jace living with them full-time.

“We’ve decided on forever! #PerfectTiming,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Instagram this weekend while sharing a picture of herself with a diamond ring and David kissing her head shortly after the proposal.

Evans also showed off the ring, which is quite the sparkler. Many of her fans were thrilled about the ring and the proposal, as they do have a child together. And many of her fans do think that she has changed completely since her last engagement. And when people started congratulating her on the engagement, there was a positive tone in many of the messages.

“You truly deserve it! From rock bottom to this beautiful moment,” one person revealed to Jenelle Evans after learning about the engagement, which was a similar tone from many other followers.

But Evans did have some haters and one person claimed that she had indeed been engaged six times over the past several years. She has definitely dated these six individuals during her time on 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2, but she may not have been engaged to all of them.

Her engagement to Gary Head ended when he attempted to choke her with a bed sheet and she ended up marrying Courtland Rogers, but filed for divorce when she learned he was still doing drugs. Nathan Griffith left her after cheating on her. Kieffer’s relationship with her was plagued with drugs and theft, so many would argue that it would never have worked out. As for Andrew, fans know very little about Jace’s father.

“Actually, she has been engaged 6 times. First it was Andrew, then Kieffer, then Gary, then Courtland, then Nathan and now Creepy David. She gets engaged to almost every guy she dates. That’s not normal,” one person wrote about Jenelle Evans’ plans to marry David Eason, even though she has a history with many failed engagements, although it isn’t for certain that she was engaged to Andrew.

“Your boys will have a wonderful stepdad and hopefully your mom will take a back seat & realize you have grown up, mistakes happens but that’s the past. It’s time Jace comes home to his real MOTHER. I know Tv only shows some parts but I bet off cam she’s no different. So I want to let u know how proud I am as mom u changed for your kids. I wish u all the best and much happiness and hope your mom accepts your marriage. Congrats on your lil girl. I never comment on celebrities post but I am so tired of fans and your mom slamming you as a mom and all your decisions! Stay positive,” another person chimed in on Evans’ engagement photo.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ engagement? Do you think David did a great job picking out the ring, or do you think this engagement means little given how many times she’s been engaged before?

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