‘Stranger Things’ Season 2: Duffer Bros. Change Episode Titles Due To Spoilers

Warning: This article may contain Stranger Things Season 2 spoilers.

Stranger Things fans were thrilled when Netflix not only renewed the 80s nostalgic thriller for Season 2 last August but also released the titles of all nine upcoming episodes. According to Entertainment Weekly, it was the choice of the Duffer Brothers — the show’s creators — to leak the names of the installments.

“At that point, we knew everything major that was going to happen moving into season 2,” explains Ross Duffer.

But now it seems some online fans have been so good at guessing plot lines based on the titles that the brothers are going to shake things up.

“Some of [the titles] are changing,” says Matt Duffer admits.

“Some of them we didn’t put because these people are smart on the f—ing internet. You’ve seen it with Westworld — they figured it out! I’ve seen videos analyzing the chapter titles and they’re right on a lot.”

Matt and Ross Duffer didn’t say which Stranger Things Season 2 titles would be changed, but here is the original list released by Netflix:

  • “Madmax”
  • “The Boy Who Came Back to Life”
  • “The Pumpkin Patch”
  • “The Palace”
  • “The Storm”
  • “The Pollywog”
  • “The Secret Cabin”
  • “The Brain”
  • “The Lost Brother”

While we likely won’t learn the exact title changes until Stranger Things Season 2 is released on Oct. 31, the Duffer Brothers did drop lots of plot details in another Entertainment Weekly interview.

Apparently, Season 2 will begin about a year after Will was rescued from the Upside Down realm — and last seen spitting up baby Demogorgons. While Will is trying to move on with his life and joins his friends for Halloween, all is not well.

“He seems to be seeing images from the Upside Down — the question is whether they’re real or not,” says Matt Duffer.

“So it seems like he’s having some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Meanwhile, Will’s mother, Joyce (Winona Ryder), is trying to create a stable home life for Will and his older brother, Jonathan (Charlie Heaton). She starts dating Bob (Sean Astin), a former high school friend.

[Image by Netflix]

“She’s trying to mask a lot,” Winona Ryder told the entertainment magazine.

“I think she’s made this choice with Bob because she wants a good father figure in her sons’ lives.”

Over at the police station, Hopper (David Harbour) is doing all he can to cover up the nasty events that occurred in Stranger Things Season 1, including the disappearance of Barb. He does this to protect Joyce and her boys, according to David Harbour.

“It kind of falls on Hopper to be the voice of authority to say, ‘This did happen and this didn’t happen,'” says Harbour.

“He’s struggling with the compromise that takes him to, having to lie and cover things up.”

And what of Eleven, who was last seen defeating the Demogorgon before disappearing? Netflix confirmed breakout star Millie Bobby Brown would be returning when it tweeted a photo of the young actress at a table read for Stranger Things Season 2. However, little is known about Eleven’s role in the new season. And that’s just the way the Duffer Brothers want it.

“I want people to know that she’s back and she’s a major part of the season and not know how or why,” says Matt Duffer.

“We do get into her story and backstory. We learn about where she came from and how she came into the world and the program that resulted in her.”

There will also be several newcomers in Stranger Things Season 2, including Dr. Owen (Paul Reiser) and siblings Max (Sadie Sink) and Billy (Dacre Montgomery) — who isn’t very likable, according to Matt Duffer.

“Stephen King always has really great human villains. The evil in the real world is often as bad or worse than the supernatural evil, so we wanted to introduce a character like that.”

Stranger Things returns to Netflix on Oct. 31.

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