iPad Pro 2: March Release Date Rumors, Dual-Lens Camera & Awesome ‘Wine’ Finish

The iPad Pro 2 is Apple’s most highly anticipated tablet. With the 12.9-inch model already 18 months old and the 9.7-inch variant reaching its 12-month mark in March, it appears that the time is right for an upgrade to the iPad Pro line. If recent rumors and the stocks of the outgoing models are any indication, however, the new lineup of powerhouse tablets from Apple might be revealed within the next few weeks.

A report from the Daily Star stated that the iPad Pro 2 might be launched sometime around March, which is the month when Apple usually holds its first big event. Rumors of a March 2017 launch for the iPad Pro have been going on for a while now, though these speculations have recently gained more ground after the current 12.9-inch first-generation iPad Pro was found to have few stocks available among retailers of the device.

Currently, customers in the U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia, France, Japan and Germany wishing to purchase a first-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro have been notified that the device would be delivered within two to three weeks. This means that the stocks, or at least the production, of the powerhouse tablet are running lower than usual. If history is any indication, lower stocks of an outgoing Apple product usually pertains to a new device set for a reveal within the next few months. Thus, since the first-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro appears to be slowing down production, there is a good chance that the iPad Pro 2 would be revealed very soon.

With the iPad Pro 2 possibly being set for a reveal within the next few weeks, more speculations about the specs and features of the device have begun emerging from the rumor mill. Overall, rumors about the iPad Pro 2 are very encouraging, with many stating that the device would come equipped with notable features such as a redesigned borderless frame, an embedded Home Button and TouchID sensor, and a vastly upgraded display, according to a MacWorld report.

Even the device’s imaging capabilities, which are usually not the focus of tablet computers as a whole, have managed to get the attention of numerous Apple fans. Currently, speculations are high that Apple might equip the iPad Pro 2 with a dual-lens camera system with sensors similar to the ones featured in the iPhone 7 Plus. While tablet photography has never really been taken as seriously as smartphone imaging, the camera of the first-generation 9.7-inch iPad Pro, which was on par with that of the iPhone 6S, was lauded by many.

Thus, there is a pretty good chance that Apple might opt to roll out the iPad Pro 2 with a dual-lens camera system, complete with the iPhone 7 Plus’ most popular feature, its Portrait photo capabilities. This, of course, would give the iPad Pro 2 the best tablet camera on the market, hands down. After all, the iPhone 7 Plus’ cameras are already one of the best in the smartphone market, which is far more competitive in the imaging business. In the tablet industry, the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual-lens sensors would be nothing short of revolutionary.

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This is not all, however, as recent rumors have also pointed to the idea of the iPad Pro 2 being released with a never-before-seen color option. Rumors of a new color palette for Apple’s devices have been emerging for a while now, with current speculations pointing to the possibility of releasing a variant of the iPad Pro 2 with a new purplish, “Wine” tint. Concepts of this new Wine color have emerged online, and they have been received very well by avid Apple fans.

The tablet market has not really grown as exponentially as the smartphone industry in recent years, with iconic devices such as the iPad reaching what appears to be a plateau with regard to consumers’ interest. Regardless of this, Apple’s ubiquitous tablet remains as one of the world’s best-selling portable computers. Even in an industry that seems to be waning, the 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch iPad Pro continues to enjoy decent levels of success.

Overall, the iPad Pro 2 is a device that, just like its predecessors, would most likely push the tablet industry forward. With powerhouse specs and features never before seen on the tablet front, the iPad Pro 2 might very well be Apple’s first game-changer for 2017.

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