WWE News: Roman Reigns Hurt After ‘Raw’ Match With Samoa Joe

One week after Samoa Joe made his WWE main roster debut and accidentally injured Seth Rollins in the attack, Roman Reigns was hurt after his match with Samoa Joe on WWE Monday Night Raw. In this week’s Wrestling Observer Live, Brian Alvarez reported that Roman Reigns was “a little banged up” after the match with Samoa Joe in the main event of Monday Night Raw.

The good news is that Roman Reigns shouldn’t miss any action and his match with Braun Strowman at Fastlane is not in danger. According to Alvarez, the injury occurred during a Samoa Joe powerslam to Roman Reigns but the injury is not considered serious.

This Roman Reigns injury news is optimistic after the fluke injury to Seth Rollins from the week before. The Seth Rollins injury occurred after Triple H called him out to the ring. When Rollins ran down to attack Triple H, Samoa Joe came out of the stands and attacked him.

Rollins had his knee reconstructed after tearing his ACL and MCL last year. The injury this time was to the same knee and happened when it turned the wrong way when Seth and Samoa Joe fell to the mat. Luckily, it doesn’t look like Rollins will require surgery and his match against Triple H is still on for WrestleMania.

WWE News: Roman Reigns Hurt After 'Raw' Match With Samoa Joe
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That is great news for Roman Reigns and the WWE. While Roman is supposed to battle Braun Strowman at Fastlane, the rumored WrestleMania opponent for Reigns is still The Undertaker. If Roman Reigns fell to an injury, it would completely screw up the booking for WrestleMania because Undertaker is always an important match.

If a Roman Reigns injury occurred in Samoa Joe’s first two weeks in the WWE, it could hurt his standing. Samoa Joe already injured Tyson Kidd in NXT when Kidd took the Muscle Buster wrong. Bret Hart lashed out publicly at the injury and called Samoa Joe sloppy.

WWE News: Roman Reigns Hurt After 'Raw' Match With Samoa Joe
[Image by WWE]

It is also ironic that the first person that Samoa Joe injured from the main roster was Seth Rollins. Over the last two years, Rollins was part of matches that saw the career-ending injury of Sting, an injury that put new Universal Champion Finn Balor on the shelf for almost a year, and legitimately broke John Cena’s nose with a hard knee.

When Seth Rollins originally tore his ACL and MCL, he was personally to blame, jumping from the turnbuckle over Kane and landing wrong. His injury in the Samoa Joe attack was due to his knee bending wrong when they fell, a fluke accident that was in no way Samoa Joe’s fault. The Roman Reigns injury was due more to a rough powerslam.


Since the Roman Reigns injury is not considered serious, he shouldn’t miss any time at all. Fans should see Reigns back on Monday Night Raw next week when they air live from Las Vegas. There is still a few weeks before Fastlane takes place, so the WWE can play it smart with Roman Reigns until his Braun Strowman match.

It seems the WWE still has big plans lined up for Roman Reigns, despite the fans seeming to still rebel against anything he does. Vince McMahon was talking about how great SmackDown Live has been doing since the brand split on this week’s WWE conference call.

During this talk, he mentioned how they can pull off surprises on that show, such as possibly moving someone huge like Roman Reigns there in the future. It is clear that McMahon and the WWE still see Roman Reigns as one of their top stars and his push should continue strong into the foreseeable future.

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