Girls' Generation Tease Comeback And New Album In 2017

Girls' Generation might be planning a comeback in 2017, according to Asia Starz. The South Korean girl group has been inactive lately despite being one of the most successful K-pop acts of Korea, but they might be planning to return to the stage this year!

Girls' Generation, the group composed of eight girls and formed in 2007, might be planning a big comeback in the second half of 2017, the group's most prominent member Sooyoung teased recently.

During her visit to Spain last week, Sooyoung teased that Girls' Generation would return onstage in the second half of this year. The hit South Korean girl group, which has sold an estimated 400,000 albums across the globe, would apparently make a comeback on their 10th anniversary since their debut, in August.

Sooyoung was in Spain to do a photoshoot with Bimba Y Lola for the March 2017 edition of InStyle magazine. While in Spain, the member of Girls' Generation received birthday gifts from her fans in advance, as she celebrated her birthday on February 10.

Sooyoung, who turned 27-years-old yesterday, received sweet gifts from her fans, including chocolate, which the member of Girls' Generation later snapped and shared via her Instagram account.

When her fans asked Sooyoung to make a wish before blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, the singer was honest in what she wishes for and said, "World tour in Europe." Fans of Girls' Generation around the world probably hope Sooyoung meant a world tour for the girl group.

But Sooyoung didn't forget about Girls' Generation fans and teased that her girl group would stage a comeback in the second half of 2017, and it's probably safe to predict that the group will return onstage in August 2017, which will mark their 10th anniversary.

Girls' Generation and their label SM Entertainment have been mute about their plans to stage a comeback for the highly popular South Korean group. But the girls have made hints about the possible comeback on several occasions in the past few months.

When asked during last September's broadcast of Weekly Idol about Girls' Generation's new rumored album, Taeyeon teased that the girls are working on it and "waiting for a good timing to show it."

Taeyeon also admitted that the Girls' Generation girls weren't sure if the new album could be released in six months (which is around March). Girls' Generation marks their 10th anniversary since their debut on August 5, 2017, which is a likely date to stage a comeback.

In fact, Sooyoung said earlier this year she was hopeful Girls' Generation would win a grand prize (the Daesang) later this year. Members of the girl group, meanwhile, are also focused on their solo albums, as Seohyun and Hyoyeon are prepared to release their albums in the first half of 2017.

Sooyoung sat with hosts of JTBC's We Will Eat Well last week, where she talked about getting married this year and the highly-anticipated Girls' Generation comeback, according to All K-pop. The singer, who just turned 27-years-old, revealed she wishes to get married this year.

After the revelation about marriage plans, comedian Jo Se Ho predicted Sooyoung's marriage will take place in October.
"There can be a scandal in February, confession in May, and there goes your wedding in October."
During the interview, Sooyoung also said she hopes Girls' Generation would win the Daesang this year, to which social media users replied by saying the girls need to come back soon in order to be qualified for the grand prize.

[Featured Image by Lee Jin-man/AP Images]