Rogue POTUS: Trump Warned Kellyanne Conway Of Being Fired – Spicer ‘Burning Out’

Kellyanne Conway created a bunch of buzz recently when Conway urged the public to “go buy Ivanka’s stuff” the same day that President Donald Trump took Nordstrom to task via Twitter for dropping Ivanka Trump’s line, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now a very popular Twitter account called “Rogue POTUS Staff,” which claims to be “the unofficial resistance team inside the White House” and has gained 760,000 followers, alleges that the idea to advertise Ivanka’s clothing was Mr. Trump’s notion in the first place. As seen in the following tweet, the “Rogue POTUS Staff” claimed that President Trump urged Kellyanne to promote Ivanka’s clothing in the interview, but later reportedly gave Conway a browbeating and allegedly threatened to fire Conway if she repeated the mistake.

The very popular Twitter account updates their Twitter feed pretty often, with tweets that they allege offer an inside peek behind the Trump administration from inside the White House. Not only does the Twitter feed offer seemingly original insights, but it also retweets or republishes tweets like the following, from Martin Heinrich, a United States senator from New Mexico. Senator Heinrich took Mr. Trump to task for leaving a key inside of a classified lockbag. The same photo was published by the Washington Post.

Meanwhile, other tweets from the “Rogue POTUS Staff” mention Sean Spicer’s alleged state of mind. As seen in the tweet below, the “Rogue POTUS Staff” claimed that Mr. Trump “fumed” at Kellyanne for advising the public to purchase Ivanka’s clothing line — and as a result, President Trump also allegedly was angered with Spicer’s reports that Conway had been “counseled” about her mistake. Due to Spicer using the word “counseled,” the “Rogue POTUS Staff” claimed that Spicer made it seem as if Kellyanne did something wrong.

The “Rogue POTUS Staff” claimed that Spicer is already under plenty of stress in his role as the White House press secretary, and that Spicer is already “burning out” from his “double load” of being a face for the White House that must face the press often.

Beyond Spicer’s drama and Kellyanne’s controversy, the “Rogue POTUS Staff” claims Mr. Trump was angered that some football players vow not to show up at the White House. At last count, at least six New England Patriots players have said they will not go to the White House, as reported by the New York Times, after their defeat of the Falcons in Super Bowl LI on Sunday.

The “Rogue POTUS Staff” also alleged that the morale within the White House is so low that the suggestion of seeking signs of people who want to commit suicide could potentially be distributed.

Meanwhile, the “Rogue POTUS Staff” has published tweets that display a sort of fear that the self-claimed White House staff leaking purported information could be taken off Twitter. The following tweet claimed that the rogue staff can’t be found, but they are not sure how long they will remain hidden.

The “Rogue POTUS Staff” also tweeted information about other Twitter accounts that claim to be leaking information from the White House, some of which are allegedly counter-ops accounts. According to the tweet below from The Hill, the White House has been besieged by leaks.

A sampling of the social media comments being published about the White House leaks can be seen below.

: “The good news is the leaks are plentiful. Flynn, Pence, Giuliani, Manafort, Carter & Trump eventually will all end up in jail.

“People fear Sessions will stifle investigation of Russia/Trump connection. Leaks are coming too fast to stifle. Trump in Intel crosshairs.”

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]