K.A.R.D. K-Pop Comeback In February 2017 With 'Don't Recall' [Teasers]

Jan Omega

Update on 02/15/17 -- K.A.R.D. has officially released their single album Don't Recall which marks their first K-pop comeback since they debuted about three months ago. The featured title track song of the same name utilizes more English in its lyrics but also slows the beat down compared to "Oh NaNa." Overall, it is a solid second song by the popular co-ed K-pop group. Just half a day since its release, the music video fro the song is just a little under 200,000 views shy of one million views.

Let's not forget that both BTS and Twice are expected to have their K-pop comebacks later this month too. But despite all the competing K-pop acts bombarding this month with new music, it seems more want to join into the fray. We now know that K.A.R.D. will be making their first K-pop comeback this month with Don't Recall.

News of K.A.R.D. making a K-pop comeback was first made known by both DSP Media and K.A.R.D. just five days ago on Sunday, February 5. They announced that the comeback would be titled Don't Recall and would release on February 16 at midnight KST, as reported by Soompi. Two days later, both of them would start promotions for Don't Recall with individual teaser images starting with Somin and Jisoo on February 7, followed by J.Seph and B.M. on February 8.

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One day after the J.Seph and B.M. individual teaser images were released, K.A.R.D. released an official title track listing of the upcoming K-pop comeback. According to AllKpop, there will be the original version of "Don't Recall" and a "Hidden" version of the song too. It is unknown why K.A.R.D. decided to go with two versions of the same song, but it is possible that they understand that finding someone to be the "Hidden Card" for every song they do might become an issue.

As for K.A.R.D.'s latest promotion, they recently released a "Key Point of Dance" video on their official YouTube channel. From what we can discern from the video, the dance will be used as a hook from the chorus to the next verse.

Last year, K.A.R.D. debuted their album Oh NaNa with the title track song of the same name. What stood out about them was the fact they were a co-ed group that made enough of an impact as any of the traditional boy bands or girl groups in K-pop today. To be fair, there have been numerous K-pop co-ed groups in the industry, but none of them made as much of an impact as K.A.R.D. To be frank, co-ed groups may finally be getting the recognition and love they deserve as another co-ed group, Akdong Musician, is getting a ton of recognition especially after they released "Be With You" as part of the OST for Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

K.A.R.D. will release their upcoming K-pop comeback, a single album titled Don't Recall, this coming Thursday, February 16 at midnight KST. The title track song is also titled "Don't Recall." Right now, K-pop fans are trying to figure out who the "Hidden Card" member will be for this song. For "Oh NaNa," it was Heo Young Ji formerly of Kara.

[Featured Image by DSP Media/K.A.R.D. Official Daum Cafe]