‘Dear White People’ On Netflix Causes Uproar, Huge Netflix Boycott

Netflix has a new show coming out called Dear White People, and this has caused a huge uproar. What is meant to just be a series is causing a lot of people to cancel their Netflix subscriptions and move on from the service. Fusion shared how people are upset about Dear White People and what this show really is about that is coming to Netflix.

The preview for Dear White People just came out. This preview really upset a lot of people. The show is based on the 2014 Justin Simien movie by the same name about Sam White. He is a black college student who hosts a radio show about being a minority at a predominantly white university. He is upset about a lot of things he sees as racial insensitive and starts to open up on his thoughts more.

As soon as the preview for Dear White People came out, people went to Twitter throwing a fit. A lot of this was started by Tim Treadstone, a former BuzzFeed writer, who posted about how he will be boycotting Netflix now. His post went crazy with retweets and people responding that because of Dear White People, they also canceled their own memberships. #DearWhitePeople started to trend on Twitter right away. Dear White People creator Justin Simien shared his thoughts in a Facebook post and was obviously upset about people not seeing the show the same way that he does. Here is what he had to say about Dear White People.

“When the first trailer for the film dropped, I’ll admit the deluge of claims that I was a reverse racist and a ‘piece of sh*t monkey that should shut up and go back to Africa’ really hurt. But now, I feel strangely encouraged. To see the sheer threat that people feel over a date announcement video featuring a woman of color (politely) asking not to be mocked makes it so clear why I made this show.”

Milo Yiannopoulos shared a bit more about it on his site. This trailer has a woman talking about acceptable Halloween costumes for white people to wear. She says, “Pirate, slutty nurse, any of our first 43 Presidents.” After that, they show an image of a white person with a black face, which they feel like is obviously not appropriate.

On YouTube, this preview has already been watched over two million times. It is also #10 on the trending videos for the site today. A lot of people are not happy at all with the trailer for Dear White People. Only about 25,000 people have liked the video, but over 260,000 have disliked it at this time. The comments are going crazy on it, and a lot of people are not happy about it. So far, Netflix isn’t saying a word about how many people they have lost over this.

Everyone will have to make up their own mind about Dear White People. So far, all that is out is the preview so without seeing the entire series or at least one episode it is hard to really understand what this show is about and if it is something you want to boycott. There are a lot of mixed emotions about this show right now.

Will you be boycotting Netflix over Dear White People? Do you think that this show is racist or just fine? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and you can watch Dear White People on Netflix.

[Featured Image By Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for YouTube]