‘The OA’ Renewed By Netflix: Top 12 Ending Mysteries For Season 2 [Part 1]

In case you have not heard, Variety has confirmed that Netflix has renewed The OA for Season 2, which means the puzzling mysteries of Season 1, will continue for a second installment. While no release date for The OA Season 2 has been announced, Netflix has released a brief teaser for what is in store for fans of The OA in “Part 2” via the streamer’s YouTube channel.

While fans await the return of new episodes of The OA, there are a plethora of mysteries to debate, and lots of hope, Season 2 will answer them. In Part 1 of this feature, Inquisitr tackles the first half of twelve (12) ending mysteries that could be solved in Season 2. Listed below are mysteries, one (1) through six (6).

The OA Season 2 Mystery #1: Why is Prairie wearing an ankle monitor?

When Season 1 of The OA ends, Prairie (Brit Marling) is seen working in the yard with her father, Abel (Scott Wilson). We can clearly see she is wearing an ankle monitor. The only question is why?

Prairie should not have been under any supervision from the law for her activities in Season 1. She participated in keeping teenagers up past their bedtime, or presumptive curfew, but so did Betty Broderick-Allen (Phyllis Smith), and she did not seem to be in any trouble with the law. Granted, she did lose her job at the high school.

So is Prairie wearing an ankle monitor because she is under the watchful eye of the authorities? Or does it have something to do with her mental status? Remember, in her second-to-last scene with Abel, she remarks that she is taking medication.

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The OA Season 2, Mystery #2: Why did Prairie rush to the school?

After Prairie goes inside from working in the yard with her father, because she is not feeling well, she is next seen taking a bath. While in the tub, she appears to have drifted off to sleep, before she is startled awake by the thought of something alarming. What did she see, or dream, that made her realize she was needed at the school?

Was it a vision along the lines of the one she claimed to have as a child, before the bus accident? How could Prairie have had a vision when she was being medicated? According to her own testimony in Season 1, her visions had been somewhat dampened by medication.

The OA Season 2, Mystery #3: Why did French see Homer?

If everything that Prairie said, regarding the supernatural elements of her story are a figment of her imagination, how, and why, did French (Brandon Perea) see Homer (Emory Cohen) in the mirror? Adding to the mystery is how French could conjure an exact image of Homer when he had apparently never seen him before.

The OA Season 2, Mystery #4: How did the “five movements” stop the school shooter?

In the Season 1 finale of The OA, “the five,” and Prairie are able to stop a school shooter in their tracks by performing the “five movements.” The mystery is how simply seeing them perform the “movements” caused the shooter to stop.

To that point in Season 1, the only thing the movements had been shown to be capable of were healing people and bringing them back to life. Will Season 2 explain the mechanism that gave the “five movements” the ability to stop the school shooter?

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The OA Season 2, Mystery #5: Does Prairie’s dad believe her now?

When Prairie rushes downstairs after whatever she sees in the bathtub, she runs into her father, Abel. She tells him that she knows what the dream means now. Instead of stopping her from leaving the house, he gives her a knowing nod and allows her to leave.

Does Prairie’s dad let her go because he has lost any hope of reasoning with her? Or does he now believe she has powers like she claimed as a little girl?

The OA Season 2, Mystery #6: Is Nina/Prairie’s biological father, alive or dead?

In the first two episodes of The OA, Prairie tells “the five” about her childhood, and how she believed her biological father was still alive. That he had gone into hiding to protect her, and himself, from the group that was after him and tried to kill Nina/Prairie as a child.

When Prairie runs away to New York after turning 21-years-old, she does so in the hopes she will reunite with him. When he does not arrive, she plays her violin, hoping that will help him locate her. It does not work.

When Prairie experiences her second, near-death experience (NDA), she awakens with Khatun, and Prairie eventually sees him wandering around the same verdant fields she was just in. Khatun tells Prairie she can go be in “painless peace” with her father, instead of going back to Hap’s. Prairie ultimately gives up the opportunity to reunite with him, so that she can help free the others being held by Hap (Jason Isaacs).

So is Prairie’s father really dead? Or stranded in another dimension? Or is he in a coma somewhere? Whatever his status is, Prairie seems to give up on ever reuniting with him in Season 1. Will Season 2 change that?

The only way we will know the answer to these mysteries, is to watch when Season 2 of The OA premieres on Netflix. Stay tuned to Inquisitr for Part 2 of the top 12 ending mysteries for The OA Season 2. Season 1 of The OA is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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