‘The OA’ Renewed By Netflix: Top 12 Ending Mysteries For Season 2 [Part 2]

Having been reported by outlets such as Deadline that The OA has been renewed by Netflix for Season 2, speculation on The OA‘s greatest mysteries can continue. Part 1 of this feature on the Inquisitr covered six (6) of The OA’s ending mysteries. In Part 2, the remaining mysteries will be examined.

The mysteries surrounding Prairie’s actions in the final episode have been the subject of intense discussion. Now it is time to turn to the more overarching mysteries of The OA. Will any of these mysteries be solved by The OA in Season 2, and what are they, exactly? Scroll down to find out.

The OA Season 2, Mystery #7: Why didn’t Prairie contact Homer’s family? For instance, his ex-girlfriend, and find out about his child?

Will viewers see Homer’s family in Season 2? In Season 1, Prairie claims that Homer told her he had an ex-girlfriend, who was expecting his child, and he was desperate to get word to her about his being alive. So why does Prairie stay quiet to Homer’s family, throughout all of Season 1?

She could have at least shown an interest in finding out what had become of Homer’s child from a distance, with a simple Google search. Instead, all she focuses on is finding an archival YouTube video. Using the search term “Homer near-death experience.” Will Season 2 explain why Prairie (Brit Marling) decided not to tell the loved ones of Hap’s other captives, they had been kidnapped?

The OA Season 2, Mystery #8: How can Homer walk, when he was once paralyzed?

In the video Prairie watches on YouTube, the newscaster states that Homer was in “a near-fatal accident on the field” that “left him paralyzed, and locked in a coma.” When Prairie meets Homer he is able to walk, and he makes no mention of having previously been paralyzed.

In the YouTube video, Homer is interviewed, and never moves his arms, or legs. So despite awakening from his coma, he appeared to still be paralyzed. Had Homer been healed from his paralysis since then, like Prairie was cured of her blindness?

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The OA Season 2, Mystery #9: Why can’t “the five” find any record of the people Prairie claimed were held captive with her?

When French (Brandon Perea), Buck (Ian Alexander), Steve (Patrick Gibson), Jesse (Brendan Meyer), and Betty (Phyllis Smith) are researching Prairie’s claims online, they do not turn up much. They are able to verify the van accident in Russia, and later on, that Prairie had played her violin in the subway tunnels of New York.

Why is there no record of any missing persons, who match the descriptions of the people Prairie claims were being held captive with her? Why doesn’t she direct “the five” to the YouTube video of Homer? Of the people, Prairie claims were being held captive with her, “the five” should be able to find Homer (Emory Cohen), and Renata (Paz Vega).

The video Prairie watches proves that Homer’s story was covered on the news. Therefore, he is a quasi-public figure. If he went missing that would be huge news.

Renata’s disappearance should also have made headlines. Given the glimpses viewers were shown, she was a fairly well-known musician with a substantial following. Her disappearance would certainly draw the attention of her fans, and the media. If they were talking about it, there would definitely be a trace of the chatter, online.

The OA Season 2, Mystery #10: Where is Prairie? Did she die?

In the aftermath of the “five movements” having stopped the school shooting, “the five” turn to look, and see a relieved Prairie standing outside. It is then revealed that she was shot in the chest when the cafeteria worker wrestled the shooter to the ground. The final episode of The OA Season 1 leaves Prairie’s fate hanging in the balance.

Despite the sound of a “whoosh” being heard before she leaves in the ambulance, it is hard to imagine that Prairie has been killed off in the season finale. The most likely case is that she has experienced that all-elusive, near-death experience (NDA) she was hunting for in the first episode of The OA. The reason for why she jumped off the bridge in the opening scene. If that is the case, what will it mean for Season 2?

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The OA Season 2, Mystery #11: Does Elias (the listener) have a secret agenda?

As suspicious as it is that no uniformed officer ever discusses Prairie’s meetings with Elias, that is not the only thing that made Elias’ claims he was working for the FBI as a “listener,” stick out as odd. It was in the final episode of The OA that Elias’ behavior became invariably circumspect.

French ran into him inside Prairie’s house, shortly within the time that French had discovered the books that pointed to Prairie fabricating her story. Did Elias plant them and to what end? If so, why did he pick those books? As the Inquisitr previously discussed, there might be hidden clues for why those books were chosen. Elias also comforts French with a hug, when the two had just met, trying assuage to French’s guilt. Elias was not acting like a stranger.

We know Elias has an office and that he is real. Prairie’s parents meet him, late in Season 1. So he is not a figment of Prairie’s imagination. The question is does he really work for, who he says he works for? If he does, why he would go inside Prairie’s house, presumably uninvited? If he was invited there by her parents, off-camera, what purpose did his visit serve?

The OA Season 2, Mystery #12: What is the “invisible self?”

“Invisible Self” is the title of the final episode of The OA Season 1, and it proves to be a rather vaguely discussed topic throughout the season. While out shopping for clothes to impersonate Steve’s stepmother, Prairie mentions the “invisible self” to Steve.

This is one of the few things she does not heavily extrapolate on in the forthcoming episodes. What is “the invisible self,” and will we find out in Season 2? Does it play a crucial role in understanding The OA, and its ending?

The mysteries of The OA will continue unraveling in Season 2. Until then, Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix. To read Part 1 of this list on the Inquisitr, click here.

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