Miley Cyrus Says Dad Billy Ray ‘Knows Nothing’ About Her Wedding

It’s official: Billy Ray Cyrus is not involved whatsoever in his daughter’s wedding plans, according to Miley herself.

Billy Ray caused a media row when he started talking about his daughter’s wedding plans, causing Miley to throw dear old dad under the bus by telling Entertainment Tonight that he “knows nothing” about her upcoming nuptials with actor Liam Hemsworth.

It was just last week when Billy Ray revealed that the 19-year-old Miley would have three separate wedding ceremonies to celebrate her marriage. Miley says that Billy Ray made it all up for the media.

“I don’t know what my dad is doing or where my dad is on the planet,” Miley admitted. “My dad knows nothing. I don’t know what he is making up … I hate to put him on blast, but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Hunger Games star Hemsworth got engaged to Miley Cyrus this summer after reconciling their relationship. The initially dated while the two were working on the film Last Kiss together.

While Miley disavowed her father’s marriage revelation, she did admit that she sometimes makes up rumors about herself for her own amusement, something she apparently learned from Billy Ray himself.

“He does what I do when he’s sitting in a press thing: He’s like, ‘Let’s make this fun. Let’s make stuff up. Let’s get the ball rolling on some good rumors because I’m bored and I can start something,'” she said.

Very interesting.

What do you think of Miley Cyrus? Will anything ever come between her and her love for press?