Same Cleavage, Different Day! Nicki Minaj Teases In A Maroon One Piece

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what Nicki Minaj is most famous for – her music or her flesh-revealing ways! A case in point is when she posted a snap of herself with her hands parting a bathroom robe to reveal a sexy maroon one piece on Instagram on Wednesday. As is the custom, the one piece the 34-year-old rapper was wearing exposed her midriff and had a plunging neckline.

In the picture, Minaj looked like she had just had her hair styled and the fact that she was wearing slip-on shoes also reinforced that fact. The red one piece is beginning to look like a favorite of Minaj’s as she has previously shared a photo of herself in the same outfit. There was a bonus though in that her chest was more prominently displayed!

The other difference was the fact that Minaj wore a metallic mask in the photo which she captioned “McQueen.” And boy, her curvaceous physique almost broke the internet!

LA home burgled

And talking of breaking, a few days before sharing the photo it was reported that burglars had broken into her 11,500 square foot house in Los Angeles. According to TMZ, the house that Minaj rents for $30,000 a month was burgled and jewelry stolen. The house was also badly trashed. Not only was furniture and other items flipped over and left lying all over the place, but Minaj’s most personal items were vandalized. Perfume bottles and picture frames were destroyed. Even Minaj’s clothes were cut up. At the time Minaj was out of town and the damage was estimated to have been in the range of $200,000.

Nicki Minaj Teases In A Maroon One Piece

Immediately news of the burglary leaked, fingers were pointed at Meek Mills, an ex of Minaj. The two went their separate ways earlier in the year following allegations that he had cheated on her. There were also stories that he had preferred spending time with his friends than participating in Minaj’s birthday plans.

Once the rumors about the split started, Minaj was quick to face the issue head on.

“To confirm, yes I am single. Focusing on my work and looking forward to sharing it with you guys really soon. “Have a blessed New Year. Love u (sic),” Minaj tweeted.

Blame sneaky Meek

One of those to blame Meek was Wendy Williams, a talk show host.

“So it’s personal. So who could have done this? [Meek Mill] and who? His sister? Look, I don’t know anything about Meek Mill or his sister being involved in this, I don’t know, and certainly, when you get to be as big as Nicki, you’ve made enough enemies along the way because you have to break a lot of eggs to make an omelet.” Wendy speculated.

When confronted while leaving a Houston nightclub, Meek was defensive.

“Do it look like I rob people?” he said. “I got about 450 on my neck and about 80 on the wrist. Do it look like I rob people?” Meek asked while leaning out of a car window before he went on to show off his bling.

Nicki Minaj Teases In A Maroon One Piece

And after paparazzi asked him whether he and Minaj have spoken following the robbery, all he said was, “You’re asking too many f*****g questions about my personal life.”

Added layer of security

Following the robbery, Minaj is not taking chances anymore and has beefed up her security. The burglary badly exposed weaknesses in her security apparatus. For instance, there were no security cameras installed and the police had to use street cameras in their evidence-gathering mission. Sources say that she is putting up an advanced security system as well as hiring round-the-clock security guards.

Not all is gloom in Minaj’s life, though. Drake teased that he and Minaj might get to collaborate in summer alluding to a Young Money reunion. This was during his Boy Meets World tour in London. At around the same time, Minaj also posted of the Young Money crew.

The Young Money trio drifted apart as soon as Minaj started dating Meek Mill who happens to be a self-made enemy of Drake. With Meek now out of the picture, Drake and Minaj are understood to have patched their differences earlier in the year.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]