WWE Rumors: Bayley To Become Champ At ‘Wrestlemania 33,’ Ends Charlotte’s streak

WWE Rumors Wrestlemania 33

The Raw women’s championship scene is currently being dominated by the champion, Charlotte. With Charlotte’s impressive win streak during PPVs getting more remarkable each passing time, it definitely looks like the WWE is going to take that all the way to Wrestlemania 33. However, rumors are now pointing out that this run might just be derailed at Wrestlemania.

According to Comic Book, Charlotte has amassed an astounding 16-0 record of PPV wins when she defeated Bayley at the Royal Rumble. While this is not on the level of the Undertaker’s legendary Wrestlemania streak. Charlotte’s run is still impressive nonetheless. This definitely means that the WWE is hell bent on making Charlotte the marquee name in women’s wrestling.

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Well, it would be amazing to see this streak continue until the end of the year. Just to see if the WWE can have a women’s version of Bill Goldberg in his WCW days. However, all things must come to an end. For Charlotte, her remarkable run as an unstoppable PPV performer as well as Raw’s women’s champion is coming to an abrupt end at Wrestlemania 33. This is according to a report from Sportskeeda.

There was some speculation that it would be Nia Jax who would be doing the honor of dethroning Charlotte. However, the source above says that it will be Bayley who will finally be able to end the streak of the “Queen of PPV” at Wrestlemania 33. This one is going to be epic as it is rumored to be via a fatal four-way match for the Raw women’s championship between Nia Jax, Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte.

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If that is the case, then the WWE must have big plans for the relative newcomer going forward. A win at Wrestlemania 33 will already crown Bayley as the next face of the women’s division. A good guess is that Bayley will keep on feuding with Charlotte all the way to Summerslam. However, this is not going to be the case as the WWE is reportedly going in another direction after Bayley’s big Wrestlemania 33 win.

It seems like the WWE is planning for Sasha Banks to become a full heel as an opponent for Bayley. They would probably do an angle wherein Banks will despise Bayley for her big Wrestlemania 33 win and start feuding with her. This one is really no shocker, the WWE seems to be dabbling with the idea of making Sasha Banks into a heel as of late. The creative team could even have Sasha turn heel as early as Wrestlemania 33 just so they could fortify the underdog angle for Bayley.

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But the problem is that the WWE is planning this whole thing to go all the way to Summerslam. That would mean that the time between Wrestlemania 33 and Summerslam will leave Charlotte on the back burner. This is highly questionable as Charlotte is still a big part of the women’s division. One possible solution is to have her feud with some returning divas while Sasha Banks and Bayley further develop their angle. Paige could be a prime candidate to keep Charlotte busy while the two other ladies handle their business.

Having Bayley win at Wrestlemania 33 may upset some fans who are thinking that this is just way too early for her. However, the guys at Raw might be banking on her to further solidify the budding women’s division. Plus, an intriguing feud with a heel Sasha Banks after an impressive Wrestlemania 33 win is just too juicy an angle for the WWE to pass up. It certainly releases the stranglehold that Charlotte has in the women’s division.

Wrestlemania 33 might be the day that Charlotte finally loses that PPV streak. It will be pretty interesting to find out what the WWE fans will feel about it.

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