WWE News: New England Patriots QB Tom Brady Makes WWE Star Chris Jericho’s List

Chris Jericho The List

The New England Patriots may have won Super Bowl 51 on Sunday, but WWE Superstar Chris Jericho doesn’t want people thinking someone else is the greatest of all time over him and made that known through WWE RAW last night. Chris Jericho has been calling himself the GOAT for a long time now, and in wrestling terms, many would agree he is one of the greatest ever, but saying the actual greatest may be pushing things.

Despite this, as a heel, he uses this to talk about his greatness in the world of pro-wrestling and even puts the words on his wrestling trunks to remind everyone about it. However, Tom Brady of the Patriots has accomplished things in football that few men before him have ever done. He is a four-time Super Bowl MVP and winner of a record five Super Bowls for a QB. Only a handful of men have five now, but no QB does for sure.

This led many to call him the GOAT when it comes to QBs, which unlike Jericho’s claim on wrestling, people can actually support at this point. Y2J did not take kindly to people talking about Tom Brady and his greatness, which is why he made it known on WWE RAW that he will be doing something about it. Every time someone crosses a line in his eyes, he adds them to his own personal list.

Tom Brady waves at fans after winning Super Bowl LI as Terry Bradshaw watches.

Last night during RAW, Tom Brady was added to this list, and everyone in the arena cheered as it happened. Obviously, Tom Brady is well known in the sports world, and people usually do not tend to like him unless they are Patriots fans. Ever since the Spygate scandal a decade ago, he has been hated along with the team itself because people hate when others win too often.

Regardless of how you feel about the Patriots and Tom Brady, the accomplishment of five Super Bowl wins is absolutely incredible. Few people if any can ever accomplish this in their career. However, few could ever do what Chris Jericho has done in pro wrestling either. Jericho has been a WrestleMania main eventer, he has won multiple World Titles, and has the record for the most WWE Intercontinental Titles with nine.

He won several titles in WCW during his time there, but the one title that he simply could never win was the United States Title, whether it was WCW or WWE. Finally, however, he managed to capture it and was able to complete a collection of titles that no current day WWE Superstar could ever win due to either the title’s departure from WWE or simply the business being closed.

Goldberg Chris Jericho

While Tom Brady may have just about every record a QB could ever want in the NFL, Chris Jericho has done what he has done for longer than Brady has even been with New England. Jericho started his career in the 1990s and was winning titles back then in WCW while Brady was still at Michigan almost losing his starting job. What Brady has done in his career is amazing going off of the fact that he was a sixth round pick and not seen as much coming out of the combine.

However, people also wrote Chris Jericho off too because he was a regular sized man in a world of giants. Both were able to get past previous thoughts on them and went on to accomplish amazing things multiple times. If we have to talk about the greatest of all time, it’s a toss up for both men in their respective sport. The question is, will Tom Brady be upset that he made Jericho’s list, or will it be another honor for the Super Bowl winner?

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