‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Did Mandy Moore Reveal A Tragic Ending?

Latest This is Us spoilers for this week's episode

When it comes to the hit NBC show This Is Us, fans are always thirsty for as many spoilers as they can get. But it looks like one of the cast members of the show may have, however inadvertently, revealed the plot for the upcoming season finale!

Warning: This article contains spoilers. Please do not read this post if you don’t wish to read This Is Us spoilers.

First, according to Master Herald’s latest round of This Is Us spoilers, while fans will definitely be excited for Amanda Leighton — who is best known for her work on The Fosters — to join the cast as a younger version of Sophie, Kevin’s ex-wife, they will be definitely in mourning over the potential death of William (played by Ron Cephas-Jones).

In an Instagram post that Mandy Moore shared, she mentioned that she was “sad” to say goodbye to everyone she’d worked with over the course of the season. However, fans flipped out when they noticed everyone was wearing black and William was nowhere to be found!

Mandy then took to her Instagram to clarify that her castmates were not at a funeral dressed all in black. They were, in fact, in an auditorium watching Kevin’s play, titled The Back of an Egg.

Meanwhile, according to the latest This Is Us spoilers from Hidden Remote, the new episode — which will air tomorrow at 9 p.m. EST on NBC — will feature a few happy moments, including Jack and Rebecca’s wedding. However, as the site confirms, the Pearson’s joy will be tempered by sadness, as Miguel and his soon-to-be wife share some “devastating” news.

“Back in the past timeline, Jack and Rebecca begin to question their relationship when Miguel and Shelly share some shocking (and devastating) news with their friends. This as Rebecca receives an incredible work opportunity which looks to put a new strain on her relationship with Jack.”

Finally, but certainly no less importantly, the latest This Is Us spoilers from Hypable suggest that there will be more tragedy coming up, but this time, they’ll come in the form of love triangles that the site says don’t “need to exist.”

Fans already know that Kate, played by Chrissy Metz, is at a weight loss camp. It’s also clear that Duke, the horse-keeper on the weight loss camp, is feeling frisky towards our favorite girl and is threatening to come between her and Toby, her new fiance.

Fans also already got the bombshell dropped on us that Kevin, played by Justin Hartley, was previously married to his childhood sweetheart (and Kate’s former BFF) Sophie. That leaves us wondering what will happen with Olivia and Sloane, but it’s really hard to find any sympathy for either of those characters since they’re both toxic in their own way.

But what’s most distressing to the site is, of course, the proposed love triangle between Jack, Rebecca, and Miguel.

“There’s just something fishy about that whole relationship and we haven’t had much time to bond with Miguel as much as we did with Jack. The only person I know that doesn’t like Miguel as much as I do is Kevin. Kevin’s clearly not a fan of Miguel and there could be so many reasons why. Maybe he feels like Miguel is trying to replace his dad, or he knows something we don’t about his relationship with Rebecca. I don’t know why Kevin doesn’t like him but I know the fact that he does is enough for me to stand on his side.”

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