Steve Bannon Drawn Wearing Nazi Armband In ‘Titanic’ Cartoon With Trump

A political cartoon has surfaced depicting Steve Bannon and Donald Trump, drawn as two chubby unkempt men, on a ship re-enacting the scene from Titanic where the character of Jack calls out that he is “the king of the world!” But even more controversial is that Bannon is drawn wearing a coat in the color of the Nazi uniform, complete with a Nazi armband with a “T” in place of the swastika.

There has been buzz ever since Steven Bannon, a key voice from Breitbart, became the equally strong voice of the Trump campaign that he possessed anti-semitic and misogynistic statements and behavior, says the Inquisitr. This struck many as peculiar, as Donald Trump’s son in law, Jared Kushner, is an Orthodox Jew, as is Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, who converted upon marrying Kushner. When asked if he is a White Nationalist, a term thought to be synonymous with the KKK and Nazis, Bannon has said that he is not a White Nationalist, but rather simply a Nationalist.

The Independent shared the disturbing cartoon, which was created and originally published by a state-owned Chines newspaper. The paper described the original scene from the 1997 movie Titanic.

“In the scene, Leonardo Di Caprio, playing Jack Dawson, is seen with Danny Nucci, playing Fabrizio De Rossi, Jack’s best friend, shouting the iconic phrase while at the front of the ship.”


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The cartoon suggests an expression of freedom and ultimate power on behalf of the two men who see great things ahead of them, but as we all know by now, Titanic didn’t end well for anyone, and especially not Jack. The cartoon ran in a state-owned, English-language newspaper.

Lately, Steve Bannon has warned publicly that a “war would erupt” in five to ten years in the South China Sea between the United States and China. Bannon has publicly warned that China has been getting ready for such an attack.

“They’re taking their sandbars and making basically stationary aircraft carriers and putting missiles on those. They come here to the United States in front of our face—and you understand how important face is—and say it’s an ancient territorial sea.”

Haaretz shared the cartoon, that has emerged after a harsh war of words between Steve Bannon and the Chinese government, in only two weeks in office. In the cartoon, the Nazi coat and armband are reported to be featured because of statements made by Bannon that American Jews are “enablers” of Jihad.

The report says that relations between the two countries took a nosedive right after Donald Trump won the election, and started talking on the phone with the president of Taiwan. Taiwan is a self-governing island and a democracy that Beijing considers its own territory. Simply the act of having a conversation with the Taiwanese leader was considered a protocol no-no, especially for someone who has not yet been inaugurated.

All of this comes on the heels of Bannon throwing down with the media, saying that it should “keep its mouth shut,” says Slate. Bannon told the New York Times that he is unhappy with the way they are covering the Trump administration. Bannon is calling the media, rather than the Democratic party his opposition.

“The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for awhile. I want you to quote this. The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.”

Steven Bannon, with Breitbart, ironically was a member of the media he now suggests has no integrity.

What do you think of the Titanic cartoon, drawn with Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, complete with Nazi armband?

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]