WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns’ Uncle Thinks Fans Are ‘Too Hard’ On His Nephew

Love him or hate him, Roman Reigns gets you to listen to him. But the latest WWE rumors suggest that the heat is getting to be too much for Reigns’ family, and they wish people would just chill out a little.

That’s the word according to Bleeding Cool, whose latest round of WWE rumors talk about that very thing. As WWE fans know, Reigns comes from a very prestigious wrestling family that includes The Usos and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. So when retired pro wrestler Afa sat down with the outlet, he made it clear that he wasn’t pleased with how fans were treating his nephew.

“The thing about my other nephew The Rock was when he first started they were booing him. That was because of his lack of experience. The kid’s young. He will grow in to become a somebody someday, if he not already is. You’ve just got to be patient. You’ve got to give people a chance to grow. He’s still learning a lot and just give him some time. There’s a lot he needs to learn, and me and my brother, we kind of want to stay out of it. These kids today are much smarter and the business is different, you know? We kind of just let them do it their own way and every now and then if they need some advice we will give them the ‘old school’ advice. As far the fans go…give the kid a chance. He’ll come around.”

Afa isn’t the only fan of Roman Reigns. According to the latest WWE rumors from PWMania, Kurt Angle is also a fan of Roman Reigns. In fact, the future Hall of Famer, Olympic medalist, and legendary wrestler has said that he would be interested in fighting Reigns sooner rather than later.

And, like Afa, Angle doesn’t understand why Reigns gets a lot of heat.

“Roman Reigns is talented. I don’t care what anyone says. You can’t deny that the kid knows how to work. I believe what happened to him was that they didn’t have him go through the ringer. They didn’t have him win the European title, or I should say, the Intercontinental title, U.S. title, King Of The Ring [tournament]. They just threw him up there right away and the fans don’t like that.”

But not everyone is a fan of Roman Reigns. According to the latest WWE rumors from Cageside Seats, Reigns — who is scheduled to fight The Undertaker at this year’s WrestleMania — is getting this opportunity as a “passing of the torch” moment.

However, the respected site believes that this move is a mistake, and they strongly advise WWE creative against this move.

“[The Undertaker] is loved and revered. If anyone could get the entire crowd of a show like Mania to cheer anything, it would be him. Which is another reason I think this will be tempting for McMahon. The Rock couldn’t get Philadelphia to cheer Roman at the 2015 Rumble, so let’s fix that by having Undertaker do it the Showcase of the Immortals in 2017. But a lot of the people who paid for WrestleMania tickets aren’t going to go for it. Some of them are already salivating at the prospect of raining on the Chairman’s parade. Another manufactured moment like that doesn’t help Reigns’ cause. And it would suck for what could likely be Undertaker’s last WrestleMania to involve his being booed – even ironically. Even if it’s not aimed at him.”

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